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Tips to Prepare for the Unexpected Future

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Let’s face it. We are facing unprecedented times in our country. The recent pandemic has caused panic, stress and fear in our lives. Many people are losing their jobs while others are not sure when (and if) they may return to work.

Since many people are facing layoffs and budget cuts, it is important now more than ever to stretch our hard-earned dollars. There are a few things that we can do in the coming months to put money back into our wallets:

Coupons– Even though couponing is nothing like it used to be, you can still save money by clipping coupons from your Sunday paper or from online. I find that there are still great coupons available for items like toiletries and household essentials. A few dollars here and there adds up after awhile.

Money-Saving Apps– One of my favorite ways to save money on each grocery trip is by using money saving apps. Even if you don’t use coupons, consider using money-saving apps. It takes very little effort to use these apps and the benefits are very rewarding! And, you can use these apps in conjunction with each other to really speed up the earning process! I have 3 top money-savings apps that I recommend and use each and every week:

Fetch Rewards– This app has to be the easiest way ever to earn money! Just scan and earn! Yes, it is that simple! Sign up HERE and use my referral code K3DEH. After you scan your first receipt you will get 2000 points! That is almost enough for your first gift card!  

With Fetch Rewards, there are no specific products to keep track of. You simply scan your receipts each time that you shop and the points add up. If you really want the points to add up, there are bonus products that you can purchase which will earn you more points each time that you shop. In addition, purchases from Amazon and other online stores will also count. Simply scan your receipts each time that you shop and watch the points accrue in your account. AND, it only takes 3000 points to earn your first gift card to places like Amazon, Dunkin’ and Target. Save up your points to earn even larger gift cards! GO HERE to sign up for Fetch Rewards and use code K3DEH

Shopkick This app allows you to earn kicks which are rewards points that can be use towards digital gift cards to your favorite stores. Earning kicks is super easy, and this app is one that you can have your kids help you with! It is kind of like a scavenger hunt as you go through the store scanning products to get kicks My boys love to help me with this! 

There are six easy ways to earn kicks while you shop:

  1. Walk into stores.
  2. Scan barcodes of selected products.
  3. Purchase items and submit your receipt.
  4. Purchase items with your linked card.
  5. Make online purchases.
  6. Watch videos.

That’s it! The Shopkick app is so easy anyone can do it! You shop, you get kicks, and you redeem for gift cards! GO HERE to sign up. 

Ibotta With Ibotta, you can earn real cash back every time you shop online or in-store. Simply check Ibotta before you shop in-store or online, travel, dine out, or make a purchase and you can get rewarded with cash back and gift cards to your favorite retailers. Ibotta works with leading brands and retailers to help you save money without the hassle of traditional coupons, or promo codes.

And, now, earn with their newest feature, you can pay with Ibotta, too! When you use Pay with Ibotta, you can pay for your purchases right from the app, and earn cash back on your entire purchase, instantly. GO HERE to sign up for Ibotta.

Stockpile– I cannot stress enough the importance of stockpiling. I am not talking about hoarding.My general rule of thumb is to have enough items (like canned goods, pastas, etc…) in my stockpile to last for several months. This was especially helpful to my family and I when my husband lost his job several years ago. We were able to live off of our stockpile for several months.

One of the ways that you can stockpile is by shopping the BOGO sales at your favorite stores. When items are on sale, buy extra as your budget allows and those items into your pantry.

Another one of my favorite ways to stockpile is by purchasing reduced meat at the grocery store. I find that stores like Target, Walmart and Winn-Dixie will mark down their meats in the morning or late afternoon. Thanks to these sales, I always pick up several packs each time that I shop and add them to my freezer. This is especially helpful in situations like right now when there is hardly any meat available to the public.

Cancel Gym Memberships– If you don’t use your local gym more than once a month, evaluate whether or not that is a good investment. This may be a great time to cancel your membership for the time being and to find other free options and apps for exercising.

Grooming Services– Consider doing your own hair and nail services right at home. If you cut your spouse’s and kids’ hair at home think of the money that you could save during the month! Invest in a clipper set to start cutting their hair this month! You may be surprised at what a great job you can do! When it comes to your nails, there are so many great at-home gel kits available. By doing these two services at home, you will put a decent amount of money back into your wallet each month.

Sell Unused Items– During this time while we are home, go through your closets and cabinets to see what items that you can sell. Places like Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and Poshmark (for clothing) are great places to make extra cash from items that you have right in your home.

Student Loans– Due to ongoing circumstances, student loans will be deferred for the next 60 days. (at least, maybe longer) without interest or penalties. Check into this as soon as possible if you are a student.

Mortgage Payments– Contact your mortgage lender as soon as possible to see if your payments can be deferred. For many Americans, housing is one of our largest expenses. If you have lost your job or are facing a layoff, this is the number one issue that needs to be discussed. Many mortgage companies may defer payments or offer mortgage forbearance.

Spending– Track your spending. You will be surprised at how much you spend on things that you really don’t need. Things like daily coffee, trips to Target, etc…can put a generous amount of money back into your wallet each month. Start tracking today and save for tomorrow! I have a feeling that once you start track your spending you are going to be surprised at how much money that you were spending each month on these things!

Change the Due Dates of your Bills– Consider asking your creditors to see if you can change the due date of your bills. If you get paid towards the end of the month, see if your credit card companies and utility providers will work with you and let you pay those bills at that time. In addition, see if you can negotiate for a better deal. You may surprised at what one quick phone call will do!

These are some of my favorite tips and ideas for helping us to get through these difficult times ahead. Please remember above all to stay strong and positive!

11 Hacks To Save You Money Around The Home

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Here are 11 of the best hacks to save you money around the home:

1. Make a budget

Budgets are the best way to visibly see how much money you have, and how much money you can spend weekly or monthly without having to worry. It can also show you what you’re spending your cash on, which is great for sorting out the priorities and putting them at the top, while removing anything that isn’t needed.

2. Collect spare change

Keep a jar on your bedside table, and whenever you have loose change in your pockets, empty it into the jar. Keep doing this for the next couple of weeks and when you hit your first month mark, have a count and see how much you have managed to save so far.

3. Shop at the dollar store

Dollar stores are awesome, and shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about. Why pay an extra $7 for wrapping paper or soap when you can get it for a dollar?

4. Rent a dress

Yes, you read that correctly. If you have an important event or occasion that is coming up and you need a super fancy dress to wear, but you just can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars – rent one instead. There are stores that do this, or you can just keep the tag on, make sure you don’t stain it, and then take it back the next day!

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5. Pay your bills online

Not only is it a lot more efficient because of the email reminders and the simplicity of paying online, but you will be saving the use of stamps and checks being sent out. Plus, going paperless is so much better for the environment.

6. Plan your shops wisely

Get the cheapest prices by purchasing items after the season is over, for example, buy holiday decorations after Christmas, get furniture at the start of the year and buy a barbecue in the fall. And make sure you stay up to date with the latest offers and clearances.

7. Close closet doors

Keep your energy costs down by making sure you close all the closet doors, that way you aren’t needlessly using up the heat to fill a closet space. The same goes for any rooms that don’t need to be heated – close the doors.

8. Go on a DIY rampage

You can’t do everything, like water removal in a flooded basement or repairing your boiler system, and sometimes it’s important to admit that to yourself before you make things worse. But, anything that you can learn through various YouTube videos – take advantage of it and fix that squeaky door or the jammed cupboard.

9. Stock up on cheap gifts

When things are on sale, make the most of it and stock up on gifts for the year, this can be for birthdays, housewarmings, weddings, and so on.

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10. Grow your food

Instead of going out and buying your fruit, veg and herbs – invest in the seeds and plant your own around the garden. It’s really simple to do once you get the hang of it, and you’ll be able to live a sustainable life off your little productive garden. You could even make your own jam and then sell it!

11. Hire a maid service

If you are strapped for time during the week and cleaning your house is too big of an ordeal, it may be worth it to set aside extra funds during the month to hire a maid service like Dallas maid service. This will not only be a time-saver, but you will also be thankful to have a clean home when you get home from a long day of work!