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Another Super Sweet Publix Trip! Saved $119 Spent $13!

I wanted to go ahead and post my sweet trip from today along with the pictures and sweet details of the coupons that I used. I actually ended up stopping by 2 different Publix’s since I needed to get my FREE Natural Instincts Hair Color. They did not have it at the first Publix where I got the rest of the groceries, so I stopped on the way home by another Publix. The Publix coupons for the hair color were expiring today, so along with the $4 manuf. coupon, it was FREE! With both trips, I spent $13 and saved $ 119!!!  Here are the sweet details:

-4 boxes of Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color @ $5.99 each minus 4 Publix $2 Clairol hair color coupons from the Back to School flier stacked with 4 $4/1 manufacturer’s coupons from the August P&G insert = FREE for 4 boxes!!

-8 bottles of assorted A1 Steak Sauce BOGO @ $3.99 each minus 8 $2/1 coupons = FREE for 8 bottles! Anyone want some A1? 😉

-1 bag of Friskies Cat Food @ $3 each minus 1 Publix $3/1 coupon = FREE!

-1 Cover Girl Eye pencil Sharpener @ $2.49 minus 1 Publix $2/1 coupon from Back to School flier stacked with $1/1 manufacturer coupon = FREE!

-1 Cover Girl pack of Makeup sponges @ $2.49 minus 1 Publix $2/1 coupon from Back to School flier stacked with $1/1 manufacturer coupon = FREE!

-2 bottles of Powerade for hubby @ .88 each (no coupons) = $1.76

-2 boxes of Aunt Jemima Cinnamon French Toast BOGO @ $2.69 minus $1/2 manuf. coupon = $1.69!

-2 boxes of Aunt Jemima Blueberry pancakes BOGO @ $2.69 minus $1/2 manuf. coupons = $1.69!

-2 boxes of Pepperoni Bagel Bites @ $1.99 each minus Publix $2/2 coupon from the Toss for Cash booklet stacked with $1/2 blinkie manuf. coupon = .98 for 2 boxes! Drew loves these so I was happy for a great deal on them!

-Cascade Dish Rinse Aid @ $3.39 each minus FREE coupon = FREE!

-1 bag of Publix All Purpose flour @ $1.29 (no coupons) = $1.29   

-1 bag of Publix Sugar @ $1.39 (no coupons) = $1.39

-1 Men’s Sure Deoderant @ $2.39 minus $1/1 Publix coupon stacked with $1.25/1 manuf. coupon = .14!

-1 Kraft Cream Cheese @ $1.09 each minus $1/1 Kraft Cream Cheese manuf. coupon = .09!

-4 bags of assorted TGIF Skillet Meals @ $7.99 each minus BOGO raincheck I had from awhile back minus 4 $2/1 Publix coupons from the new Toss for Cash booklet minus 4 $2/1 blinkie manuf. coupons = FREE for 4 bags!!

-1pack of Perdue thin sliced Chicken breast @ $2.79 each minus $2 tearpad coupon for meat/poultry when you buy 2 A-1= .79!

-1 pack of pork cubed steak @ $2.76 minus $2 tearpad coupon for meat/poultry when you buy 2 A1 = .76!

-1 pack of chicken thighs @ $2.43 minus $2 tearpad coupon for meat/poultry when you buy 2 A-1 = .43!

-1 pack of chicken drummies @ $2.00 minus $2 tearpad coupon for meat/poultry when you buy 2 A-1 = FREE!

-1 Gallon of Lactaid Milk @ $3.45 each (no coupons-this is the only kind of milk that Drew can drink!) = $3.45

-2 packs of Ramen noodles @ .22 each = .44 (no coupons-these were filler items-remember, you CANNOT have more coupons than items in your transaction!)

-1 package of bananas @ .63

$5/50 Albertson’s competitor coupon

This trip will give our family about a week’s worth of partial meals, so I was very happy with the sweet outcome of my labor! I also want to point out that if your store is out of an item, it pays to get a raincheck-with my raincheck and coupons on the TGIF meals, they were FREE! Have a sweet weekend filled with money-saving deals!

***My $1.64 Trip to Target!***

I had a few coupons that were expiring yesterday, so I thought that Drew and I would make a quick run to Target to see what I could get for just a few dollars. Well, I did pretty good if I do say so myself! I also wanted you to see what you can get for FREE in the trial/travel section with coupons that DO NOT specify a size restriction on them. Remember, you can stack a Target coupon with a manuf. coupon!  Here is what we ended up with for a mere $1.64!

-3 travel sized pouches of Tide laundry detergent @ .97 each minus 3 $1 off ANY Tide from the 8/2 P&G inserts = FREE !

-3 travel sized containers of Almay Eye Makeup Remover pads @ $1.00 each minus $1/1 Almay cosmetic product coupons from Sunday coupon inserts (also shows eye makeup remover on coupons) = FREE!

-3 trial sized tubes of Clean and Clear Morning Burst facial scrub @ .97 each minus 3 $1 manuf. coupons for ANY Clean and Clear product = FREE!

-2 Gerber baby bottles @ .99 each minus 2 $1Target coupons off ANY Gerber feeding item found here: = FREE!

– 2 boxes of Blueberry Muffin Pop Tarts @ $1.46 each minus 2 .55/1 IP coupons found here: Blueberry Muffin Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries, Any 8 Ct. + (Bricks Coupon)

stacked with 2 .75/1 Target coupons found here: = .32 for 2 boxes of Pop Tarts!

-1 box of Tide Stain Release @ $3.79 minus $1.50 manuf. coupon stacked with $1.50 Target coupon from this past Sunday’s coupon inserts = $.79!

-1 Bounce Dryer bar @ $3.79 minus $2.50/1 Vocalpoint home mailer coupon (sign up here: ) stacked with $1.50/1 Target coupon from this past Sunday’s coupon inserts = FREE! I have really wanted to try this product, so now I get to for FREE! 😉

-1.20 lb. of bananas @ .82 minus .50 off 1 lb. or larger bananas Target coupon found here: = .22! I have a killer banana muffin recipe that I am going to share with you all soon! It is so easy, but they are the best muffins ever!

I hope that you all enjoy looking at my little Target haul! Once again, I am trying to show you how to maximize the most out of your savings! Saving money has never been so sweet! 😉

***My .69 Trip to CVS!***

I have had several people ask me lately how I get things for FREE or cheap at CVS. I have not listed a CVS trip in detail yet, so I thought that my trip today would be good one to break down for you! Here is what I got for .69 OOP:

-2 Lady Speed Stick Spa Deoderants -$2.49 each minus 2 $1.50/1 IP coupons from = $1.98!

-2 packages of Poise pads- 2 for $4 minus 2 $2/1 IP coupons found here: Sales & Coupons from POISE = FREE!

-1 Schick Quattro Razor for Women- $6.99 minus $4 manuf. coupon = $2.99!

-4 bottles of CVS apple juice- $1.00 each no coupons = $4.00!

-2 Glade Sense and Spray Air Fresheners- 2 for $10 minus 2 $4/1 manuf. coupons from yesterday’s coupon inserts = $2.00 for both!

-minus CVS $4/20 purchase coupon  

-minus $10 Extra Care Buck from last week’s sales

=.69 OOP!!! AND I GOT BACK THE FOLLOWING ECB’S FOR MY NEXT TRIP TO CVS: $2 ECB for the Lady Speed Stick, $1 ECB for the Poise, $2 ECB for the Schick Razor, and $3 ECB for the Glade Air Fresheners. So, I rolled my $10 ECB from last week into all this free stuff and I got back $8 ECB for my next trip!!! ****This is how to successfully add to your stockpile while paying very little out of pocket!*** I hope that this info. will help you all!

My Best Publix Brag Ever! Saved: $108.48 and Spent $2.66!!

I had my best Publix trip ever yesterday, and could not wait to come home and share it with you all! Yes, you read the title right-I saved $108.48 and spent $2.66! $2.13 of that total was tax, so without tax it would have been .53!!! I had the time of my life observing the cashier, bagger, and lady behind me watch in awe as my total went lower and lower! I even shared some of my BOGO Shout coupons with them for 2 FREE bottles this week! They loved it! I know that you all have told me how much you love to see the breakdown of my stash, so here it is! Enjoy! 😉

-2 bags of New England Blueberry Cobbler Coffee and Decaf. French Vanilla Coffee-BOGO@ $5.79 each minus 2 $1/1 IP coupons found here: PRINT  =$3.79!

-2 boxes of 1lb. Velveeta cheese-BOGO @ $3.59 each minus 2 $1/1 coupons from Sunday inserts coupons = $1.59!

-2 bottles of Sundown vitamins- $3.59 and $3.29 each minus $3/2 IP coupon found here: PRINT stacked with the Publix $6/2 coupon found in the Green Back to School flier = FREE plus almost $3 overage!

-10 bottles of Shout stain remover-BOGO @ $2.99 each minus 5 BOGO manuf. coupons from the Publix Summer Savings booklet = FREE! (Remember, if you are in a state where Publix BOGO items ring up the first one full price and the second one FREE, you get both for FREE!)

-1 bag of Mahatma Rice-$3.89 minus 1 FREE coupon = FREE!   

-2 boxes of assorted Morningstar Farms veggie products- BOGO @ $3.79 each minus 2 $1/1 coupons found here: PRINT or PRINT = $1.79!

-2 packages of Cover Girl makeup sponges- $2.49 each minus 2 Publix $2/1 Cover Girl coupons found in the green Back to School flier stacked with 1 $2.50/2 Cover Girl manuf. coupon = FREE plus $1.52 overage!

-1 Cover Girl Eyeliner @ $3.99 plus 1 Cover Girl Eye color @ $2.99 =$6.98 minus 2 $2/1 Publix Cover Girl coupons stacked with 1 $2.50/2 Cover Girl products manuf. coupon = .48!

-2 packages of Kotex pads-BOGO @ $2.95 each minus 2 $1.50/1 coupons found in the CVS Reinventing Beauty magazine = FREE plus .05 overage for 2 packages!

-2 packages of Edwards Single pie slices-BOGO @ $2.59 each minus 2 $1/1 IP coupons found here: PRINT = .59 for 2 yummy desserts!

-2 pints of Starbucks ice cream-BOGO @ $3.49 each minus 2 $2/1 manuf. coupons from Sunday inserts = FREE plus .51 overage for me and hubs favorite ice cream!!

-2 boxes of Lipton flavored Hot Tea- BOGO @ $2.99 each minus 2 $1/1 coupons from the coupon booklet “Raise Your Hand For Savings” found at Publix = .99 for 2 boxes!

-2 packages of Fiber One Key Lime Pie yogurt (sooooo good!) BOGO @ $2.50 each minus 2 $1.25/1 IP coupons found here: PRINT = FREE for 2 packs of delish and healthy yogurt!

-minus $5/50 Albertson’s coupon used as a competitor coupon! Don’t forget that Publix honors all competitor grocery store coupons! This really helps to maximize your savings even more! 😉

Once again, I hope that this will help you all see how I saved so much money! I had fun today and was doing the happy dance as I walked out of the store! 😉

***Super Sweet Printable Coupons!***

Here are some great Printable coupons from the week:

-Register at and it will take you to a link for a printable coupon for $3/1 package! More than likely, this will result in FREE bacon!

-Print out this coupon for a BOGO deal on Venom Energy Drinks! Print a coupon

$1.25 off printable coupon for Fiber One yogurt! These are BOGO @ $2.50 each at Publix this week, so FREE yogurt with 2 coupons!!

-International Delight is offering a $1/1 coupon for their yummy coffee creamer. It is being reported by many people that Target has these marked down to $1.15 per bottle-that would only be .15 a bottle! I love the yummy White Chocolate Coconut one! Go to: and click on special offers!

-Go to: for some $1/1 Mott’s Applesauce coupons! This could make for some FREE or cheap applesauce!  

-Check out for some money-saving coupons and yummy recipe ideas!

-Clean and Clear is offering an amazing coupon for $2/1 product! This would make for a sweet deal! Check it out here: Click on the coupon link at the top of the page to register and get your coupon!

-Use this coupon for a FREE 1oz. Victoria’s Secret Pink Body lotion! No purchase is required!

-Check out the printable coupons at for $3/1 box of Mrs. Paul’s frozen seafood! This could make for some FREE seafood if you store has a BOGO! Check out this sweet deal!

-Don’t forget to check out the awesome printable coupons at: as well! I get many of my best coupons right from this site!

I hope that you will enjoy these coupons that I have come across this week! Have a super sweet bargain-filled day!

***Kmart Super Double Coupons Again — August 30 thru September 5!!***

I had so many of you email me and ask me how to find out if your Kmart will be participating in Super Doubles in the future, so I am going to post this info for you all. Super Doubles will be back again August 30- September 5 to participating Kmarts!! Thank you to cheapchick over at Hot Coupon World for posting the stores that are participating this next time in Super Doubles at Kmart! I am so glad that we get doubles here in W. Central FL again! I am tired from this go around and need a week to rest up and get my coupons ready! 😉 Check out the link here for info on doubling stores!…-30-9-5-a.html

***My Sweet $11 Meat and Produce Trip to Publix!***

I don’t usually get many awesome deals on meat and produce at Publix, so when I do, it is worth posting about! I have so many people ask me how to get deals on meat and produce, so I thought that you would like to seethe breakdown and pics on my sweet trip! I spent $11.09 and saved $35.06-definitely not one of my best trips, but this was mostly meat and produce, so I was happy!

-6 liters of assorted Minute Maid Lemonade- Buy 2 get one free @ $1.79 each minus 3 $1.50/2 Publix coupons = $2.66 for 6 liters of lemonade!!

-1 ½ lbs. of yellow squash- $1.07 -no coupons, but you will see why in a few minutes!

-1 ½ lbs. of zucchini – $1.28- no coupons

-1 lb. of tomatoes- $1.20-no coupons                      

-1 head of lettuce- $1.49-no coupons

-2 packages of Smithfield thick cut bacon-on sale 2 for $5 minus 2 $3/1 coupons from signing up at: =FREE plus $1 overage!!! Go print your coupons now before they are gone!

-2 Hormel Roasts-on sale 2 for $8-this is where the savings on the produce comes in handy. I had 2 coupons for $3 of Publix produce when you buy a Hormel roast.I was buying 2 roasts, so I could use 2 coupons! I got all my produce for FREE with a little overage!!

-1 loaf of Publix Light Grain Bread- $1.79

-2 Cover Girl Eye Colors-$2.99 each minus 2 Publix $2/1 coupons minus 2 $1 manufacturer coupons = FREE!!

This was a great trip for me! We will get 2 meals out of the roasts, tonight I am making BLT’s for dinner, I will then have another pack of bacon for another meal or casserole. So, it is like I got over 4 meals out of my $11 trip today!

***Another Super Sweet Kmart $1.33 Trip!!!***

Today before I worked out at the gym, I decided to stop by another Kmart for Super doubles. Here in FL, we do not have double coupons at the grocery store, so this is a treat and I am trying to go as much as I can this week! Once again, I did great! I only spent $1.33 and that was all tax! I love getting things for FREE! 😉

Here is a breakdown of my stash for today:         

-4 boxes of Coffee Mate flavored creamer sticks-these are so awesome to have for on-the-go! These were $1.29 each-minus 2 BOGO coupons=FREE!

-1 canister of Clorox Greenworks disinfectant wipes-$3.29 minus $2.00 coupon doubled to $3.29=FREE!

-2 packages of Juicy Juice boxes-on sale 2 for $5-minus $1/2 coupon doubled to $2.00 =$3.00!

-1 tube Ben Gay muscle rub-$4.99 minus $2.00 coupon doubled to $4.00 =.99!

-4 boxes of Ziploc assorted bags-$2.00 each minus $4 $1 coupons doubled to $2.00 each=FREE!! (This is what I am really stocking up on this week!)

-I also used a $3 reward coupon that printed on my receipt from yesterday-so, I got all of this for $1.33 and that was tax! 😉

I thought that I would let Drew get in the picture this time with all the goodies from today. He loves to help Mommy coupon and bargain-shop! It is fun to let your kids get involved! It is Drew’s job to hand the cashier the coupons-it makes him feel like he did something special and I love to see the smile on his face!

My Sweet $1.15 Trip to Kmart during Double Coupon Days!

Did you know that select Kmart’s are doubling coupons up to $2 this week? I missed out the last time they had this promotion, so I was super excited to get in on some deals this week! Here is what I got for just $1.15- .93 of that was tax!! Also, I got a $3 coupon off any purchase-so they paid me to take the items out of the store! Love that! 😉

-2 boxes of Ziploc Freezer and Storage bags-$2.00 each minus 2 $1 coupons doubled to $2 each  = FREE!

-2 bottles of Nature’s Source Bathroom Cleaner- $2.00 each minus 2 $1 peelie coupons right on the bottle!!! Coupons were doubled to $2 each making them FREE!!

-2 canisters of Clorox Greenworks Disinfectant wipes- $3.29 each minus 2 $2 coupons doubled to $3.29 each=FREE!!

-2 Secret Deoderants- $2.49 each minus 2 $2 coupons (found in a Kmart booklet in the store!!) doubled to $2.49 each =FREE!!

-2 boxes of Coffee Mate flavored Creamer sticks-$1.29 each minus BOGO manuf. coupon-the coupon actually deducted $1.29 for the FREE item as well, so I ended up with both boxes for FREE and $1.29 overage!!

-1 bottle of Glade Carpet Freshener- $2.19 minus $1 manuf. coupon doubled to $2 = .19!!

****Just remember the guidelines when Kmart doubles coupons:

-Only 10 coupons per customer per day

-Only 4 like coupons are allowed per day

-any coupon with a value up to $2 will be doubled. If you have a $2 coupon it could be doubled up to $4 depending on the amount of the item. For example, the Secret deodorant that I bought today was $2.49 and I had a $2 coupon-because the item was only $2.49, the coupon would not deduct $4.00-it deducted the amount of the item. Now, if I had an item that was over $4, the full $4 would have been deducted.

Please check your local Kmart to see if they are participating! I am going back several more times this week! I will fill you in on my ever-growing stash of freebies! I especially am excited to stock up on the Ziploc Freezer and Storage bags!

Sweet Back to School Deals!

I know that for many of you, the school year has already begun; for others, it will be starting in the next few weeks. Check out some last-minute sweet back to school deals that I have found for this week.

***CVS*** 3 Day Deals good until tomorrow August 19!***

-Buy one Caliber Recycled School box at $1.99 and get back $1.99 in ECB! (limit 2) FREE AFTER ECBs!

-Buy Paper Mate pens at .99 per package and get back .99 in ECB! (limit 2) FREE after ECBs!

-Buy Philips Earhook headphones at $6.99 each and get back $6.99 in ECB! (limit 1) FREE AFTER ECBs!

-Buy 1 CVS brand or Caliber mini composition notebook at $1.99 and get back $1.99 in ECBs! (limit 2) FREE AFTER ECBs!

-Buy 1 CVS brand or Caliber filler paper at .99 each and get back .99 in ECBs! (limit 2) FREE AFTER ECBs!

-Many people are reporting that the CVS brand 10 count Tampons in super and regular priced at $1.89 each are producing $1.89 ECB! This would be FREE after ECB! (limit 1)


Good until Wednesday only- Staples 100 sheet black and white composition book- .25 each!! (limit 5)***

Items good all week- August 16-22

-translucent pencil case-.50 each

***$1.00 items –limit 2 per person while supplies last!!***

-4ct Paper Mate Expressions handheld erasers

-4 ct Paper Mate Retractable gel pens (medium)

-12 ct Staples Comfort Stic Ballpoint pens (medium)

-6 ct Staples Hype pen-style highlighters

***Office Max***

***Don’t forget to grab your brown paper bag when you walk into the store. You get 20% off everything you can fit inside of it!! ***

.01 deals!! Schoolio von Hoolio crayons 24 ct. (limit 3)

.10 deals!! Poly Portfolios (limit 6)

.15 deals!! Bic Round Stick Pens 10 count (limit 3)


While I did not come across any really amazing back to school deals this week, Walgreens is offering a SWEET promotion in their Photo Department this week. It is called 7 Day 7 Deals Check out the daily deals here:

Monday-25 4×6 prints for only .25!!! Use coupon code: PENNY

Tuesday-FREE 11×14 poster!! Use coupon code: FREEPOSTER

Wednesday-FREE photo clings

Thursday-20 4×6 prints for FREE!!

Friday- 8×10 Scrapbook page for .99!!

Saturday-50% off everyday photo books!

This would be a great time to start thinking of some inexpensive Christmas gifts!! I know that my little boy will love a FREE poster!!

***Dollar Tree***

-I also wanted to mention to you that your local Dollar Tree offers many inexpensive items that you can purchase for only $1 each. If you don’t have access to some of these other great stores, then Dollar Tree may be your answer!! My mother in law recently told me that you can now order items in bulk from Dollar Tree!! They will ship the items to the store for FREE; however, there is a small handling fee. Check it out here:

Are there any other deals that I forgot? Please let me know-have a Super Sweet week!