Stories of Sweet Success

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Readers Stories of Sweet Success: Dianne’s Rite Aid Trip

I love to hear from my readers and I love to hear your stories of sweet success! When reader Dianne emailed me about her trip to Rite Aid yesterday, I just had to share it with you all!

2 Tylenol Precise pain cream @ $4.99 each. Used $ 6 Q on 2 and rec’d $ 2 +upr. So .99 each!!

Chex Mix @ 2 for $3. Used $1 on 2 Q and recd $1 up reward for both so free!!

1 32 count Bayer low dose aspirin @ $2.79. Used $2.00 Q so .79 cents.

1 Total Advanced Whitening paste @ $2.99 each. Rec’d $2 +upr & used $1 Q so .01 moneymaker.

1 Coricidin HBP @ $5.99. Used $2 MQ, used $2 RAVV Q rec’d $4 +upr so $3 moneymaker!!

2 Dixie Paper Plates BOGO $3.99 used RAVV $3.00 Q so .99 for 2

Stayfree pads BOGO. used BOGO Q so 2 for Free!!

Used $1 off RAVV for watching Winter Rewards.
She spent $11.30 OOP but got back $10 in Up Rewards…, in the end everything cost her only $1.30!

Dianne is new at couponing, but says that she is now hooked!  I think that she did a super job! Way to go, Dianne! 🙂 
I personally don’t have a Rite Aid nearby, but after seeing this trip I wish that I did!
Do you have a story of sweet success that you would like for me to share on the blog? You can email it to me at:

Stories of Sweet Success :: From the Readers!

I am so appreciative to all of my wonderful readers out there! I thought that you would enjoy reading just a few of the emails that I have received lately-

 Hasina writes, “I just started my 5th month of couponing, I am amazed that other people save 90% while I save 50-70%. But I do have a personal goal right now of 50%, as not to get frustrated that I didn’t do better, and as I build a stockpile I am increasing that percentage. I have a family of 6 right now including 3 teenagers who eat like adults, and we don’t eat out so I am expecting my saving to be less than some others. However I am now able to weave year round wedding and birthday gifts in my grocery allowance. Isn’t that awesome? Thank you for sharing your talents, you are a beautiful woman of God.”

-How awesome is that? Way to go, Hasina! You are doing a great job! Keep up your good work and thank you so much for your sweet comments!

Bonnie writes, “I wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog recently.  I think I first came across it when a friend became a “fan” of yours on Facebook.  (I’m a fan now too!)  I’m not a mom, but I do enjoy saving money.  I particularly have enjoyed how you have tips specific to our local grocery stores such as Publix and Winn Dixie. Thanks again for your hard work in tracking down deals.  I am one of your appreciative readers.”

Thank you so much, Bonnie for your kind words! I love to help my readers save money and to realize that they can live on less if they just search for the bargains that are out there! Keep up your good work! It does pay off!

Lastly, I wanted you to see some of the goodies that reader Amy was able to score with deals that she found here on My Sweet Savings! I love her Mother’s Day gift baskets! Who would not love to receive one of those! In the other photo, she paid only $2 for the things pictured and walked away with $6 in ECB’s from CVS! Way to go, Amy! I am so happy that you are enjoying couponing and bargain-hunting!

Do you have a story, email, or picture of sweet success that you would like me to share? Please email it to me at:

My thanks again to all of you wonderful readers out there! You are the best!