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Bisquick Newsletter: Exclusive Coupons, Tasty Recipes + More!

I am loving all of these freebie newsletters! The Bisquick Newsletter features high-value coupons and tasty recipes made with Bisquick! Did you know that Bisquick also now has a Gluten-Free variety? I have actually used it and it is wonderful!

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Publix Now Carries Gluten-Free Bisquick!

Yay! I am so excited and just had to tell you guys that Publix now carries Gluten Free Bisquick! Oh how I have missed some bread these past couple of weeks! Now, I can make biscuits and other goodies and they will be gluten-free! Winking smile

The small 16 oz. box of Gluten Free Bisquick is priced at $4.19, which is pricey, but so worth it to me! There is a coupon HERE for $1 off, so that will help! (thanks to reader Rebecca for the coupon) sorry, can’t get that coupon to work! 🙁

Reader Carolyn also let me know that she spotted Gluten Free Hamburger Helper products at her Publix, so be on the lookout! And, they are BOGO this week! 

I hope that someone else will find this information helpful! 

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Do you love to cook? If so, you definitely need to sign up for the Bisquick Newsletter! It is packed full of recipes, tips, coupons, ideas, and more!

I always have Bisquick on hand in my pantry for those go to meals when I am in a hurry! Did you know that you can use Bisquick to make those yummy Cheddar Biscuits from Red Lobster ?! Okay, have I enticed you, now? 🙂

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