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Securing Your Child’s Future Education with Florida Prepaid College Plans

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Planning for our boy’s future education is one of the most important investments that my husband and I
can make. With the rising costs of higher education, it’s important that we start planning and saving
early. While there are many options to help save for college, our family appreciates how Florida Prepaid
College Plans has made this task easy, affordable, and stress-free.

Florida Prepaid College Plans is the #1 college savings partner for Florida families. For over 35 years,
they have become the largest and most successful Prepaid Program in the nation, helping over 1.2
million Florida families prepare for their children’s future education.
With Florida Prepaid College Plans, we can lock in today’s plan prices, while having the flexibility to
prepay for our boy’s future college savings on a monthly basis. This really helps us to take the guesswork
out of planning, and we know exactly how much that we are setting aside each month for their college
education. You can even opt to pay a lump sum amount if that is a better option for your family. Either
way, saving for college has never been easier!

There are various Florida 529 Prepaid Plan options available, including the 1-Year Florida University Plan,
the 2-Year Florida College Plan, the 4-Year Florida University Plan, and the 2+2 Florida College Plan.
Family members can even purchase additional years if they opt to do so. Each plan comes with its own
set of benefits and features, allowing families to choose the one that best fits their financial situation
and educational goals. Remember: saving something for your child’s future education is better than
nothing at all!

Florida 529 Prepaid Plans are guaranteed by the state of Florida and allows you the ability to lock in
future college costs for less. Since Florida Prepaid College Plans are guaranteed by the state of Florida,
you can rest assured in knowing that you will never lose your investment. This is a risk-free investment
that you don’t have to worry about. These were huge deciding factors for our family and gives us such
peace of mind!

Benefits of Florida Prepaid College Plans:

1. Lock in Today’s Tuition Prices: One of the most significant advantages of a Florida 529 Prepaid
College Plan is the ability to lock in today’s tuition prices, protecting families from future tuition
2. Flexibility: Florida 529 Prepaid Plans plans offer flexibility, allowing families to choose
from various payment options, including monthly, 5 year or lump-sum.
3. Tax-Free Growth: The earnings on a Florida 529 Prepaid Plan grow tax-
free, providing families with additional savings over time.
4. Transferable: Florida Prepaid College Plans (both the 529 Prepaid Plan and 529 Savings Plan) are
transferable to other family members, providing added flexibility and peace of mind.
5. Use at Eligible Institutions: A Florida 529 Prepaid Plan can be used at
eligible colleges and universities both within and outside the state of Florida.

I am happy to tell you that now through April 30, Open Enrollment is happening! This is the best time to
enroll in a Florida 529 Prepaid Plan. The process is quick and easy! In fact, you can enroll in under 15
minutes! Head on over HERE to explore the different plan options, calculate costs with the savings
calculator, and to enroll. Plan pricing is the lowest that it has been in 10 years, with prices starting at just
$34 a month for a newborn. With Florida Prepaid, when you start early, you win BIG! Enroll today and
take the first step towards securing your child’s future academic success!