Decorate An Exhibition Hall With These 9 Fabulous Decor Tricks

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The flashy reflections that strike the eyes upon entering a usual commercial arena of exhibitions remind one of the ‘worldly’ Of this earth, the material, the mundane- a vain attempt to extraordinary marvel. But imagine the exhibition hall which can act as an exhibition of insight into the divine, the ethereal, the aesthetic: not an attempted extraordinariness, but the path of the extraordinary through the ordinary. The natural, the organic, the unbleached. Raw and untouched- beautiful and seraphic from all angels, in every facet.

If that is how you imagine your exhibition hall, then we are here to help you realize your imagination, opening the vistas of possibilities.

The decor of the natural – the topiary decor

We have got these handy, accessible tricks and ideas for your topiary decor, for realizing your world of imagination: All you need are some custom topiary resources, like artificial leaflets, green veils, paper-flowers, scraps of colorful papers, charts, fairy lights, thermocol sheets, cardboard, eco-friendly colors and paints, etc.

The Festoon Of Nature

To make the exhibition hall appear raw and sublime, artificial leaflets woven together in a festoon can be hung around and about the perimeter of the exhibition hall. This can be done in attractive patterns and variants.

Also to make it more appealing to the senses and vibrant, various colors of leaflets woven together into a grand tiara can be hung across the walls in a wavy pattern to give it a look of dense woods.

The Play Of Light And Sun

Fairy lights or rice lights can be hung on the artificially made festoons. This will give the exhibition hall a touch of gold; thus a play of light. The effect will also depend on the selection of the colors of the light. Preferably golden or white fairy lights will provide the elegant touch of the sun to make the plantscape real.

Mirrors In The Plantscape

In order to enhance the play of light, scraps of a mirror or mirror-effect paints and colors can be applied on the wall of the hall in parts. This will multiply the effect of the rice lights and make the exhibition hall brighter. Also magnifying mirrors placed behind the exhibition stall can make the products on the exhibit more lucrative and creatively appealing.

Topiary Frames

The stalls put up in the exhibition can be decorated with the topiary frames as the custom design. The topiary frames do not even have to be real. Artificial topiary frames will do wonder; not just in terms of the look and design of the interiors, but also in terms of resourcefulness and availability.

The frames can be fitted alongside the length of the hall. Varying themes like capturing a stall-inn of the exhibition as the jungle picture, or fitting stall-inn within each frame with varying background themes, like a sunset, dense woods, waterfall, etc. This way, the entire exhibition hall will appear as the miniature of various forest scenes and natural landscapes.

Potted Plants And Game Of Thrones

To make the exhibition hall more contemporary and to establish a connect with the modern audience, potted plants can be put alternatively, either on the borders of the hall or hanging from the ceiling. The entrance can be made attractive by pacing artificial throne, over which the welcome banner be put or LED board with the curl twigs of plants or artificial topiary items. By the side of the throne, artificial flames can be fixed as an add on.

Paints And Colours

To make the entire affair environment-friendly, eco-friendly colors and paints can be used with variants of textures for the ceiling. This can further be enhanced with water sceneries, forest or sunset or dark night-galaxy scenes.

If the idea of the topiary frames is into play, then paints and colors can be used according to the themes used. In order to make the texture effect sharp, various items like sand-paper sheets, branches, sponges, rocks and pebbles soaked in colors can be applied using dripping techniques.

The Grand Tree Of The Centre

In the middle of the hall, a grand tree, artificial, light or easily transportable can be fixed. From the apex of the tree, the ideas around festoons can be put to use. The natural festoons can be hung diagonally across the hall from the festoon of the tree. This will provide a web-like overhead ceiling decor; diaphanous and heavenly as it can get.

The branches of the grand tree can also be customized in a way that provides as light holders which can be used to put on display various exhibition items.

Artificial icicles can be another trick, simply made by using glue or gum, dripping down the branches of the tree to give it a more real yet artistic touch.

The Stalls As The Inns By The Woodside

The stalls in the exhibition can be individually placed under wooden inn-like structures to enhance the plantscape effect. A wood-like overhead shelter, using materials like thermocol or cardboards can be erected beneath which the stalls will be placed across the hall. Either a uniform interior can be selected across the stalls, or each stall can be housed in artificial inns, according to the different background themes and plantscape designs. Artificial wine-creepers and other artificial crawling plants can be wound round the support of the stall-inns.

Patterned Floor Of Grass And Herbs

Using the surface of transparent plastic material, artificial grass and herbs can be stuffed in a bounded plastic sheet which can be spread across the floor of the hall. Thus while walking, the subtle feel of nature and raw senses would act as a source of rejuvenation as exhibition catches up the pace.

These are some of the cool ideas and tricks, using simple, easily available items and materials to decorate the exhibition hall. At the same time, the effects suggested will provide the hall with a look distinct from the regular commercial halls; thus making it a custom replica of romanticism and raw beauty of nature providing a break from the mundane life-activities and yet being enrooted in it at the same time.