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2019 Florida Prepaid College Plans Pricing + Promo Code

This post is sponsored by Florida Prepaid College Plans. Use Florida Prepaid College Plans promo code SWEET1920 to save on your application fee. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy.

As someone who loves to empower my readers with ways to save money, I am so excited to let you know that I am partnering with Florida Prepaid College Plans! I could not be more thrilled to share with you how you can save for your child’s education! Saving for your children’s education is one of the best things that you can do for their future, and Florida Prepaid College Plans makes saving for college easy and affordable thanks to monthly plans. In fact, plans start at just $47 a month!

Florida Prepaid College Plans is the largest and longest-running prepaid program in the nation, thriving even as other states end their programs or stop accepting new participants. More than 2 million families have purchased Florida Prepaid College Plans since 1988, and more than 460,000 students have gone to college using Prepaid Plan benefits, creating a generational legacy of affordable higher education access.

My boys are growing up way too fast, and it is imperative for my husband and I that we have as much money saved towards their education as possible. My son Drew, who is in in the 7th grade is already talking about college, and I often find myself inwardly cringing when I realize that in just 5 very short years he will be leaving home. It seems like just yesterday he was a baby and now we are talking about which colleges that he is interested in! Thankfully, my youngest son Brady, who is 7, will be with me for several more years before we talk about which college that he will attend. At any rate, preparing for their education is very important!

I have some sweet news for you! Florida Prepaid College Plans Open Enrollment is NOW Here!

Celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year, Florida College Prepaid Plans has changed their dates for open enrollment! BUT, they have not changed the pricing. You read that correctly, the low pricing from last year remains the same! This really is a huge plus for us! The open enrollment dates are from now until April 30, 2019! In addition, through March 2, 2019, Florida Prepaid College Plans is waiving the $50 enrollment fee! That is right, when you use Florida Prepaid College Plans Promo Code SWEET1920 your application fee is 100% waived!

How Can Florida College Plans Fit Into My Budget?

I would suggest that you start saving for your children’s education as soon as you can! The earlier that you start saving, the more affordable that your monthly payments will be! In fact, if you start saving for your child’s education when they are a baby, you could have their tuition and most fees at any Florida College or State University paid for by the time that they are ready for college! With Florida Prepaid College Plans, you have a guaranteed investment into your child’s future and there is nothing to lose.

There are 5 different Florida Prepaid College Plans available that can fit any into budget:

*2-Year Florida College Plan- Prices start at $55.42 per month. This is the most affordable way to earn an AA degree from a Florida College and guaranteed admission to one of Florida’s State Universities.  

*4-Year Florida College Plan- Prices start at $119.61 per month. This is the most convenient and affordable way to earn a bachelor’s degree from a Florida College in high-demand fields.

*2 + 2 Florida Plan- Prices start at $149.45 per month. Best of both worlds…save money on lower-level courses while receiving a bachelor’s degree from one of Florida’s State Universities.

*1-Year Florida University Plan– Prices start at $46.61 per month. Most flexible plan allows you or other family members to buy one year of State University at a time as your budget allows, up to four years.

*4-Year Florida University Plan- Prices start at $186.28 per month. This is the most popular plan and offers the widest variety of bachelor’s degree options from one of Florida’s 12 State Universities.

I love that Florida Prepaid College Plans offers plans that fit into any budget. For example, the 1-Year Florida University Plan is very affordable and budget friendly! Think about it this way, if you were to give up your favorite coffee several times a week, you could easily be paying towards a monthly 1-Year Florida University Plan for your child! I also appreciate that the 1-Year Florida University Plan allows myself or other family members to buy one year at a time as my budget allows. So, if I want to add years as my budget allows I can do that! How awesome is that? With options such as this, there really is no excuse for me not to put away for my boys’ future education!

*Review the benefits of each Florida Prepaid College Plan HERE.

*Get personalized monthly payment pricing and estimates for each plan based on your child’s birth date HERE.

Common Myths About Florida Prepaid:

What if my child decides not to attend college? Florida Prepaid gives me peace of mind in knowing that I will never lose my investment. If one of my children decides that they do not want to go to college then I can transfer those funds to another family member or get a refund for what I paid for my plan. It is that simple.

Can I have a Florida Prepaid Plan if I have a 529 Savings Plan? You can have both! In fact, they work well together! Since I love to save as much money as possible, I would recommend both! The 529 Savings Plan can help to cover textbooks and supplies while the Florida Prepaid Savings Plan can cover tuition and most fees. My husband and I have a 529 Savings plan for both of our boys and we are adding a Florida Prepaid plan this year. Investing in our boys’ education is so important to us. I wish that I had a Florida Prepaid Savings Plan when I was in school. It would have been such a help to me during my college years and would have alleviated so much college debt. If nothing else, help your children to not have unwanted debt.

What if my child wants to attend a private Florida college? With your Florida Prepaid Plan, the value they pay to the other schools is the same as they would have paid to a Florida school. Even if you save with a traditional prepaid plan and your child decides to attend private school, you can still use your plan, you are just responsible for the difference. This is so great to know! I think most people are under the impression that their child has to attend a state school with Florida Prepaid and that is simply not the case.

Can Florida Prepaid be used out of state? While Florida Prepaid Plans are designed to be used at a Florida College or State University, the amount covered by the plan you have can also be applied to other schools nationwide. The plan will pay the same amount as it would pay at a public college or university in Florida. Remember, every Florida Prepaid Plan is guaranteed by the state of Florida so you will never lose what you have paid in!

What if my child receives a scholarship? You can use scholarships in conjunction with a Florida Prepaid Plan. I am going to encourage my boys to apply for as many scholarships as possible. In fact, having a scholarship in conjunction with a Florida Prepaid Plan will cover even more college expenses. If for some reason the scholarship covers all tuition costs, you can get a refund on your plan and use that for housing, supplies, etc.

Does my child have to go to college right after they graduate in order to use their Florida Prepaid Plan? Depending on which plan that you purchase, you generally have up to 10 years after the projected year of college enrollment listed in your prepaid application. I appreciate that Florida Prepaid has taken this into consideration! Sometimes kids like to take a year off to decide which career that they want to pursue or perhaps they would like to travel abroad. This is fantastic news for us as parents!

With Florida College Prepaid Plans, Starting is Believing!

Are you ready to start saving today and begin investing towards your children’s education? I believe that the gift of education is the greatest gift that any parent could give their children!

Use Florida Prepaid College Plans Promo Code SWEET1920 through March 2 for your application fee to be 100% waived!

Do it today! Don’t miss out on the chance to have an impact on your child’s life forever!

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