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DIY Fire-Breathing Dragon Craft Inspired by My Knight and Me on Cartoon Network

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Cartoon Network Series, My Knight and Me. All opinions are 100% my own. Please see my disclosure policy)

Have your kiddos seen the adventure-packed new animated series for kids on Cartoon Network called My Knight and Me? The epic show airs weekdays at 12pm (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network and my son Brady is enamored with it!

My Knight and Me, for kids ages 6-10, follows the quests of a colorful and charismatic trio of knights in shining armor: loyal, street-smart Jimmy the Squire; daring and determined Cat the Princess; and bold and courageous Henri of Orange, Jimmy’s dad and a charmingly inept, yet passionately chivalrous knight who might not be the most efficient protector of the realm – but sure is the funniest! Together, the knightly group sets out from the Kingdom of Epic to save the day and brighten the Dark Ages! 

The series models close family ties (Jimmy thinks his dad is the best!), emphasizes the importance of teamwork (together, Jimmy, Cat and Henri can overcome any challenge  that comes their way!) and underscores the importance of using strategy over might to solve problems (Jimmy is the man with a plan!). My Knight and Me also features clever anachronisms (like Smart-Mirrors that resemble today’s iPhones, set in the Middle Ages), which add to the uniqueness of the show.

I was super excited to have the opportunity to create a DIY craft inspired by the show! My son Brady, who loves to help me with crafts, immediately knew that he wanted to make a Fire-Breathing Dragon. One of the characters on My Knight and Me is a dragon named Bad Jack. He is Epic’s most fearsome dragon and a frequent antagonist of Jimmy, Cat, and Henri. He spends more time seeking treasure and tormenting the people of Epic. Brady loves dragons so we thought that a dragon-inspired craft would be so much fun! 

Materials Needed:

Red and yellow streamers

Medium sized green pom poms

Mini sized poms poms in color of your choice

Green and red glitter glue

Googly eyes

Empty paper towel roll

Glue (a glue gun would work great as well)



Green pipe cleaner stems

Small cups

Green construction paper

Crayons (optional)


1. Cut green construction paper to fit around the empty paper towel holder and glue it on.

2. Take one of the small cups and cut a hole in the center. Make the hole big enough for the empty paper towel holder to go through. You will use this later on.

3. Take the glitter glue and cover the outside of the cup. You can use whatever colors that you prefer, but we used green and red.

4. While the glue is still wet, place the green pom poms and googly eyes on the front.

5. Place two mini pom poms on the cup for the dragon nose.

6. Let the glue dry.

7. While the glue on the cup “face” is drying, cut the red and yellow streamers into strips of “flames”.

8. Cut out 3 strips of “wings” for the dragon with a grass like criss-cross pattern. Glue the wings down the center of the covered paper towel holder.

9. Take the green pipe cleaner and glue a strip down the center of the wings.

10. Place the covered paper towel holder in the hole of the cup. It should fit snug and not loosely.

11. Attach the “flames” on the front of the cup with glue or tape.

12. Finally, make a “tail” for the dragon with several pieces of the pipe cleaners. Twist them together and make your “tail”. Place the pipe-cleaners through the end of the covered paper towel holder. I taped these down on the inside so that they would stick.

13. Voila! You have a fire-breathing dragon! Brady loved blowing through the “tail” of the dragon to make the flames move!