Day One of The Fast 5 Nutrisystem Program! #NSNation #Ad

Disclosure: I have been selected to be a part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program for the next 3 months in return for my honest opinion and review. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am super excited to share with you how my first day of the Fast 5 Nutrisystem Program went! If you are not familiar with the Fast 5 program, it is kind of like a One Week Bootcamp Program to get your body ready for the next step in the Nutrisystem journey. You stick to 3 meals a day, 64 oz. or more of water, 1 Energizing Shake & 1 Craving Crusher Shake. Then, you can add in unlimited amounts of Non-Starchy vegetables. You do need to make sure that you have at least 4 servings of vegetables daily. 

One of the biggest things that surprises me with the Fast 5 is how full that I always feel. I find that sometimes I even have to make myself eat at the appropriate times even if I am not that hungry. I LOVE that you eat at least 5 times a day as it really keeps your metabolism going! I am also drinking LOTS of water so I find that I am continually going to the bathroom! Emoji

Here is a look into first day in pictures. I really have enjoyed all of the food so far and the shakes give me the chocolate fix that I need each day since you don’t get dessert during Fast 5. 

Breakfast: Nutrisystem Blueberry Lemon Bar and 16.9 oz of Water


Mid Morning Snack: energiZING shake in Chocolate

Lunch: Nutrisystem Mexican Fiesta Rice Soup with Sauteed Zucchini, Garlic, Mushrooms & Onions

Mid Afternoon Snack: Chocolate Craving Crusher Shake

Dinner: Nutrisystem Chicken in BBQ Beans with Cucumber & Tomato Salad 

Stay tuned next week as I will be sharing my week one results with you! I am thrilled to see my results and to be on the road to a healthier me!

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