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Nutrisytem Update: I Was Called “Skinny”! #nsnation #spon

It has been a little while since I updated you on my Nutrisystem progress. I have to tell you, for whatever reason, these last 10-15 pounds are not coming off without a fight! 🙂

Since I started this life-changing program back in August of 2012, I am proud to tell you that I am down 28 pounds! My goal is to lose at least another 10 pounds by my birthday on March 23. If you are new to my story, when I started Nutrisystem I was in a size 16. I am now thrilled to be back in my size 10 clothing! In the past several weeks I have actually had people call my “skinny”! 🙂 Do you know what that does for your confidence level? It makes me want to jump up and down! I also love the fact that I am so much more halthy these days with those unwanted pounds off of my body.

I have confidence that I can lose these last few stubborn pounds, it is just going to take a little bit more will-power on my part. I have kind of slacked off on drinking all of my water each day (you are suppposed to drink at least 64 oz. per day) and that really does make a difference!

Stay tuned, I am determined to get these last few pounds off and I will keep you update on my progress along the way! 

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