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DIY Holiday Gift Baskets on a Budget

I know that many of us are on a tight budget this Holiday season. Being on a budget doesn’t meant that you can’t give nice gifts to family, friends and co-workers. You can make your own gift baskets with items found at Dollar Tree, the Target Dollar Spot, samples/freebies that you receive and more! 

I put together a few examples of gift baskets that you can put together for just a few dollars. Think outside of the box with these and have fun!


I found these adorable Popcorn Bowls at the Dollar Tree and filled them with popcorn from my stockpile. You could also add a movie gift card and candy!



I filled this gift basket with freebies and samples that I have received the past several months. I also added a small Bath & Body Works Lotion and Yankee Candle for a nice touch. The basket came from Dollar Tree!



This is one of my favorites! I filled this basket with a Cute Coffee mug from Dollar Tree as well as Coffee Samples that I have received the past several months. I also found flavored coffee syrups right at the Dollar Tree! Lastly, I added in a box of flavored creamer singles for a nice touch!

The possibilties with these gift baskets are endless! I was thinking another cute one would be a Spa Gift Basket filled with fun Spa items from Dollar Tree or the Target Dollar Spot!