Readers Stories of Sweet Success: Dianne’s Rite Aid Trip

I love to hear from my readers and I love to hear your stories of sweet success! When reader Dianne emailed me about her trip to Rite Aid yesterday, I just had to share it with you all!

2 Tylenol Precise pain cream @ $4.99 each. Used $ 6 Q on 2 and rec’d $ 2 +upr. So .99 each!!

Chex Mix @ 2 for $3. Used $1 on 2 Q and recd $1 up reward for both so free!!

1 32 count Bayer low dose aspirin @ $2.79. Used $2.00 Q so .79 cents.

1 Total Advanced Whitening paste @ $2.99 each. Rec’d $2 +upr & used $1 Q so .01 moneymaker.

1 Coricidin HBP @ $5.99. Used $2 MQ, used $2 RAVV Q rec’d $4 +upr so $3 moneymaker!!

2 Dixie Paper Plates BOGO $3.99 used RAVV $3.00 Q so .99 for 2

Stayfree pads BOGO. used BOGO Q so 2 for Free!!

Used $1 off RAVV for watching Winter Rewards.
She spent $11.30 OOP but got back $10 in Up Rewards…, in the end everything cost her only $1.30!

Dianne is new at couponing, but says that she is now hooked!  I think that she did a super job! Way to go, Dianne! 🙂 
I personally don’t have a Rite Aid nearby, but after seeing this trip I wish that I did!
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