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Couponing Basics

Couponing and searching for those die-hard bargains is a lot of fun, but BEWARE it can become very addicting!  My husband is very grateful to me for all of the money that I save, but sometimes even he just laughs at me!  To be a successful couponer and bargain-hunter, you must first familiarize yourself with the basics.

There are lots of coupons and bargains out there, you just have to know what to look for and where to find them at.  You might actually be surprised where you can find coupons if you just open up your eyes and put on those bargain-hunting glasses!  8o) I feel that now I am continually on the lookout for coupons and bargains wherever I go!

It is fun to get your kids involved in the bargain-hunting too.  My three year old loves to help mommy as we go through the aisles at the store.  If he sees a coupon, he grabs it!  The other day it was so funny because my husband went into the grocery store with me to grab a few things.  In our almost 9 years of marriage, we have been in the grocery store together, but not too often, as I do all of the grocery shopping.  My husband was just laughing at me because I was on a mission for coupons even though we had very few things on our list!

Now that you know just how addicting couponing and bargain-hunting can be, it is important to know what to look for and where to find them at.  Here is a list that I have compiled of the different types of coupons:

  • Inserts – coupons in your Sunday newspaper
  • Newspapers – Don’t forget to glance through your Sunday newspaper even if you don’t read the entire thing!  I have found great deals and coupons just by looking in my local newspaper.
  • Magazines – Don’t throw out those magazines that you get every month!  I have found some great gems hidden in them!
  • Home Mailers – Companies will add you to their mailing list fi you prefer and send out great coupons!  Complimenting or Complaining to a company will also get you some great home mailer coupons!
    Monthly Home Mailer Coupons – Many companies offer monthly mailers.  I find that many of these mailers include coupons and discounts for local entertainment and dining.  In fact, a lot of time , there are BOGO (buy one get one) coupons in these mailers for restaurants.  My husband and I particularly enjoy these bargains as it allows us to have date night! :o)
  • Internet Printables – There are some great Internet couponing sites such as:,,,,, and that offer great coupons which you can print right from your own computer!  There are also a couple of couponing sites that give you a preview of the next week’s Sunday newspaper coupons.  I find that the early previews are usually available sometime on Thursday.  My favorite sites for early previews are: and
  • Tear Pads – These are a pad of coupons usually found hanging from a store display.
  • Peelies – Sticker-like coupons that are stuck right on a product -you just peel it away!
  • Blinkies – These are found in coupon machines right in the aisle of the grocery store and usually next to the item that the coupon is for.  The coupon is dispensed from a machine with a blinking red light.  These coupons are my little boy’s favorite to get for Mommy!  He loves to see the red light blink when the coupons come out!
  • Hang Tags and Wine Tags – These are coupons found right around the neck of a product or bottle.
  • Store Coupons – If your store has a turnstile or display where they keep the weekly store ad, chances are, you can probably find store coupon booklets or pamphlets there as well.  Those store coupons can be gems especially if your store allows you to stack a manufacturer’s coupon with their own store coupon!  This is how I often get items for free or for just pennies on the dollar!

Now it’s your turn!  What about you?  Where are your favorite places to find coupons?  Do you let your children help you hunt for bargains and coupons?  Do you have any great sites or sources that I did not mention? Please let me know!  I can’t wait to hear your stories and ideas!