My Beginning to a Coupon and Bargain-Hunting Addiction!

As a young girl, I often remember how my mom would clip coupons to help with our family’s food budget. She would often have my sister and I help her clip the coupons so that we could be involved as well. Then, when it was time to go to the store, she would give us a coupon and have us go search for the product! I think that it is fun to get your kids involved too! Soon after my husband and I were married I started to follow in my mother’s footsteps. I would clip a few coupons here and there, but once I saw just how much the savings added up, I became addicted to couponing and bargain-hunting! Now that my husband and I have a child and we are trying to watch our pennies even more, couponing and searching for the best bargains out there is even more important to us! Now, just like when I was a little girl, my son comes with me to the store and helps me find bargains!


Now that I have my own family, couponing has not only become a way for us to save money, but it is also a fun hobby! I love to share my coupon tips and bargain-hunting adventures with friends and family! It is fun to let others know just how much money you can save on any budget!


When I am not searching for those die-hard bargains or coupon-clipping, you will find me in the kitchen trying out new recipes or baking cookies with my little boy. I also love to decorate, drink coffee, go on dates with my husband, and watch chick-flicks when I have the time!


What about you? Do you have memories of couponing with your family that you would like to share? How did you become addicted to couponing and bargain-hunting? Did someone inspire you to save money? I would love to hear your story too!