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Ways to Save on Baby Formula

If you are like me and unable to nurse your little one, you know that Baby Formula can be very expensive! Some of the formulas for sensitive tummies can be up to $30 per can–and, if your baby is eating alot that can add up very quickly. 

Here are a few tips to save on baby formula. These have helped me tremendously and I hope they will you as well:

*Sign up on Formula websites for money-saving coupons and offers. Sites like Similac & Enfamil will mail you money-saving checks on a regular basis if you sign up on their website. It seems like every month I am receiving checks for $5 off any Enfamil or Similac purchase. This is a huge help and can get you a great deal when paired with a sale.

*Contact the Formula Company directly by phone. When I came home from the hospital with Brady, we quickly found out that he had sensitive tummy issues and that he like his big brother Drew is Lactose intolerant. After trial and error, I found the only formula that works for Brady is Enfamil Prosobee (Soy). I decided to call Enfamil directly to see if they had any samples to send me. They were super helpful, and just for calling them, they sent me 2 cans of the Prosobee! It defintely pays to contact companies if you love or even don’t love a specific product!

*Check out the printable coupon sites for Printable Formula Coupons. Sites like often release high-value formula coupons. In fact, Just a few months ago, had a really HOT coupon for $10 off 1 Enfamil Formula coupon. Let me tell you, I had everyone that I know print that coupon for me! That definitely made for some sweet deals! 

*Ask your child’s pediatrician for formula samples. Have you ever noticed when you take your child to the doctor’s office all the cans of formula that are sitting around? Those are samples and many doctors offices will give them to you if you just ask. 

From personal experience, this particular tip is what really has helped with my formula budget. My child’s pediatrician told me that whenever I need formula that I can call and ask for it! So, whenever I need formula, I just call and they load me up. It has been a true blessing!

The doctor’s office gets these sample cans from the Formula Reps that come in to the doctor. They are to be given away, to those who need it. Because of this, I have only had to buy formula 3 times since Brady has been born–he is now 3 1/2 months old! 

I hope that these tips will help you. If you have any other tips or ideas that have helped you, please let me know!