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VB Beauty Product Review

I love to try out new beauty products, so when I was recently given the opportunity to try out some products from VB Beauty to review, I jumped at the chance to do so!

First of all, if you are not familiar with VB Beauty, they are a forward-thinking US-based beauty and cosmetics company that was recently featured on Good Morning America for their Super Sonic Smile Toothbrush Cleaning & Whitening System with a UV Sanitizing Light. 

I was sent the Super Sonic Smile Toothbrush to review and let me just to you, it is amazing! I am a huge coffee and tea drinker so the effects of those beverages has had an impact on my smile. I started to use the Super Sonic Smile Toothbrush and after the very first time I noticed that my smile was brighter and whiter! Even my hubby noticed the difference which was super flattering to say the least!

Here’s how the Super Sonic Smile Toothbrush Cleaning & Whitening System with a UV Sanitizing Light works: This simple yet affordable and effective system promotes healthy and natural white teeth by gently removing surface stains naturally with the SONIC action of the brush bristles, which is clinically proven to remove up to 50% more hard to reach plaque at the gum line and between the teeth while also removing and gently massaging gums at the same time. SONIC teeth cleansing also has shown to significantly whiten your teeth in only 14 days compared to conventional toothbrushes. 

I also love the fact that the Super Sonic Smile Toothbrush is gentle on the gums. I have used many electric or battery operated toothbrushes in my time but this on has been the most gentle on my gums and teeth, which I love! 

VB Beauty also sent me the VB Beauty Lash Enhancing Eyeliner, VB Beauty Lash and the Miracle Eye and Wrinkle Spot Treatment Set to review. All of the products are top of the line and deliver amazing results. I look forward to seeing more results as I continue to use these products.


I especially LOVE the VB Beauty Lash Enhancing Eye Liner. Let me first tell you that I am not typically a liquid eyeliner type of person. I find that liquid eyeliner in general can make you look like a racoon but this is SO different! The brush allows the eyeliner to glide right on and looks very natural, which I love. There are also ingredients in this product that will help to make your lashes look longer which is always a plus in my book!

If you would like to try out these awesome products for yourself, just head on over to the VB Beauty website to check out their entire line of amazing products. Not only are these products amazing but they are affordable as well. You can also stay in touch with the latest VB Beauty promotional offers and news by connecting with the VB Beauty Facebook Page and signing up for promotional emails HERE.

Disclaimer: I was sent products from VB Beauty to review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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