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How to Make the Perfect Hard-boiled Eggs

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I don’t know about you, but making Hard-boiled eggs can be quite challenging! I have tried so many different methods and each time they never cook the right way. The skin never comes off and it seems like I lose half of the egg.

I was recently watching the show on the Food Network called The Kitchen and they mentioned that you can cook your eggs in the oven and they come out the perfect Hard-boiled egg. I was so intrigued with this method It sounds odd….cook your eggs and they will become hard-boiled? It sounded weird, but I gave it a shot. Guess what? It works and the eggs come out perfectly!


Take a 12-count muffin tin and place each egg inside the muffin slot.

Bake the eggs in a 325 degree oven for 30 minutes.

As soon as the eggs come out of the oven place them in an ice cold water bath to “shock” them. Keep them in the water bath for about 5 minutes.

The shells will peel right off and you will have delicious hard-boiled eggs with perfectly cooked yellow yolks!


*Please let me know if this method works for you or if you have tried it before!