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Send a FREE Febreze Gift Pack to the Troops

I am loving this! What a neat way for us to give back to those who serve our country! Head on over to the Febreze Facebook page and click on the Treat the Troops tab. 

When you click the Donate Now button, we’ll send a U.S. hero serving in combat a Febreze Set & Refresh product, along with a care package of toiletries, magazines, letters, and more.

(thanks, Freebie Shark!)

FREE Febreze Home Collection Freshener for You & Your Favorite Teacher!

I am loving this offer and what a nice way to give back to those who help our children! Head on over to the Febreze Facebook page to like them. Then, click on the Teacher Appreciation Contest tab. All you need to do is enter your information and nominate your favorite teacher. One teacher will be selected for a $5000 prize, but every nominee and nominator will receive a FREE Febreze Home Collection Luminary and Wooden Wick Candle. One is for you and one to give away to the teacher that you nominated!

(thanks, Rita!)