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Not Seeing My Sweet Savings Updates due to the Facebook Changes? Try These Tips!

Reposting for weekend readers!

I know that many of you still are not seeing My Sweet Savings Updates on Facebook, so I wanted to put together a post of some tips to possibly help with this issue. 


Tip #1

When you are on the My Sweet Savings Facebook page or your home page and you see a My Sweet Savings post, place your mouse on the upper right hand of a post. A small drop down box should appear. You will need to click where it says, “Mark as Top Story”. Although Facebook appears to have a mind of its own, doing this will tell Facebook that you want to see posts like this on your Facebook home page. Each time that you see a post from My Sweet Savings you will want to do this so Facebook will know that you want to see posts from My Sweet Savings.


Tip #2

Create a Couponing Blog List. On the left hand side of your Facebook Home page under your name there is a toolbar with lists tab. You will already see some lists that Facebook has put there like Family, Close Friends, Etc…Click on MORE. 

Once you click on MORE, it will open a page with lists. At the very top upper right click on Create a List. If you want to add a Coupon Blog list to see all the top posts from My Sweet Savings and other coupon blogs that you follow, this is where you would create a list that says Coupon Blogs.

Coupon Blogs will now appear as one of your lists on the Toolbar.

Now, this is where it can get a little bit tricky and it took me a little while to figure out. Click on your Coupon Blogs list. In the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see a tab that says Manage Lists. Cick on that tab. It will bring a menu. Choose Add/Remove Friends. 

Once you choose Add/Remove Friends it will open a box. In the upper right hand corner will be a scroll down menu. You will see friends automatically, but click on that box and it will also show you pages. 

Click on Pages. It will bring up every single page of any blog, company,etc.. that you have liked on Facebook. Start selecting pages of the Coupon Blogs that you like (including My Sweet Savings 🙂 and it will add them to your Coupon Blog list. Click on Done when you are finished adding pages to the list.

Now, when you click on Coupon Blogs on the left toolbar, it will show you all the Coupon Blogs that you are a fan of with all their status updates!


Tip #3

On the My Sweet Savings Facebook page, go under Subscriptions and click All Updates. This will tell Facebook to show you My Sweet Savings posts otherwise it will choose what it shows you.

I hope that some of these tips will help you so that you can see my posts. I am just as frustrated with this whole thing as you all are and hope that this issue will be resolved! 🙂