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Review of TEN Spring Water

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy)

I don’t know about you, but during the hot summer months, I am continually drinking water to make sure that I don’t get dehydrated. Staying hydrated is so important! I recently had the opportunity to review a line of water in the marketplace called TEN Spring Water. TEN water is not your average water, and you will experience water like you have never done so before! 

What makes TEN water so unique? It is rich with essential alkaline minerals and electrolytes. The result of these factors is great-tasting and refreshing water with a higher pH, just like water found in the purest glaciers. I absolutely love the crisp and natural taste that TEN water has. 

TEN water is:

  • Sourced from natural springs, never from a municipal (tap) water source
  • Stable pH — tested to hold pH in the bottle for a minimum of 2 years
  • BPA-free bottle

In addition to finding a great-tasting water, it really is important for us as consumers to know the source of where our water comes from. Source is everything. Many bottled waters, including alkaline waters, come from a tap and go through a purification process. TEN water is sourced from some of America’s purest springs. We searched far and wide for the highest quality natural sources because we believe the best drinking water comes from the Earth, not from a tap.

Bottled with a high pH and rich with alkaline minerals and electrolytes, this one-of-a-kind water contains zero calories and no added sugar. It’s simply pure, great-tasting hydration raised to the power of TEN. TEN water comes from underwater caves deep below the earth’s surface. These caves are natural quartzite and granite aquifers with rock so dense that they naturally filter the water to an incredibly ultra-pure state. From these caves the water flows directly to a nearby bottling facility through a sealed delivery system. Fun fact about TEN water. This water never sees the light of day until it is in the bottle, ready to be shipped to a store near you! How cool is that? I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with TEN water and I know that you will too!

Would you like to try this remarkable product for yourself? It is available at Publix, Walmart as well as Amazon and other fine retailers. 

GO HERE to read more information regarding this product and to find a retailer near you that sells it!