Easy Goals: Saving Edition

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Saving money isn’t just a task, but a way of life. You can save on all sort so things, and by watching you finches and being frugal you can get yourself into a much better position to provide for your family without working yourself into an early grave. But what exactly should our main savings goals be, and how can we reach them? Read on to find out more.

Get out of debt

One of the major reason that a lot of folks save is so they can pay off any outstanding debts that the have. This is because debts aren’t just about the money you owe, but also the money that you are charged for using it. It basically a hole that can be very difficult to dig yourself out of.

However it is possible. So what should your goals be if you are trying to wipe out your debt, and how can you reach them?

Well, first of all, while your overarching goal might be debt freedom, this isn’t going to happen overnight. In fact, it’s much more sensible to pay off the smallest debts that you have first.

This is because not only does it reduce the number or of payments and deadlines that you have to worry about. But it keeps you motivated in saving for this goal as well.

So in what way can you be frugal to save for this goal? Well, try saving on one of the biggest monthly expenditures, your food costs.

Take an afternoon at the weekend and chop and marinate the meat and veg that you will need for the whole week. Then portion it into freezer bags and freeze, taking one meal out per day in the morning.

This can save you lots of money during your shop, and you will find that you waste a lot less food at the end of the week too.


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To repair our credit rating

Another major goal that many folks are having do is to improve their credit rating. This is vital because without a good one you can have all sorts of trouble getting the funds for major purchases like a house and a car.

A good goal here is to make sure that you have enough each money to pay off the minimum charge and a little extra each month. This will ensure that your credit rating stays good and that you clear your debt soon than expected.

Just make sure that you don’t get stung by any early repayment fees in the process! Sometimes you can negotiate with your lender on this. So it’s always worth speaking to them if you have saved up enough to pay off the full amount early.

However if you have a poor credit rating and you do need to get a loan for something important like a car, there are companies that you can turn to for help. You can click here for some more of information on this.

In terms of being frugal, any monthly gain you can make to put more money in the savings pot will help you pay off that credit card quicker.  So taking packed lunches, and unsubscribing to magazine and services that you no longer need are a must.