Keep On Top Of Tech Trends Without Breaking The Bank

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When it comes to technology, keeping up with the latest trends can be hard. The market moves at an incredible rate, mainly because technology is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. No sooner is a brand new product out, a rival company brings out the next model and so the circle of competition begins. When it comes to your kids, you may find that they are often champing at the bit when it comes to new technology. Children don’t tend to understand the cost behind the new iPad, phone or games console that they want so much. It is important to remember that kids have a very short attention span, and a piece of tech that they coveted for months will have probably lost its appeal with them by the time it actually arrives. Technology can also be seen as a status symbol among children – everybody wants to be seen with the latest thing. But buying the latest model of just about everything can set you back a small fortune – not exactly what any mom needs in the current financial climate! So, here are a few ways you can have the latest tech at a fraction of the price.

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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

It is very easy to assume that expensive = quality in terms of technology. After all, those of us who aren’t exactly tech-whizzes don’t really have the time to be messing around fixing a hard-drive that’s broken, or re-wiring a plug board. That’s why so many people buy just about everything from big brands, under the impression that they are the hallmark of quality. In reality, you could just be wasting a lot of money. Apple branded iPhone chargers can come in at over $30, whereas you can get a cut price one online that does the job just as well.

Grab a bargain

Everywhere has a sale every once in awhile – even tech brands, so look out for them! If you study retail patterns over the year you should be able to tell when the major brands are going to be slashing their prices . You can also keep a lookout for coupons and voucher codes on websites such as If you are the kind of person who updates their tech collection frequently, you might as well save a little money on each purchase.

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Be wary of being sold unnecessary extras

When you speak to a tech expert in a retail environment, be aware that they may be just trying to sell you stuff you don’t actually need. For example, you may find yourself being persuaded to invest in an extended warranty – when you only really need one of these if you are very prone to breaking your tech items. Or sometimes, signing up to a new phone at the start of a new contract might seem cheap at first. But if you are trapped in the contract for two or three years, it could actually cost you more in the long run. In this instance, you might want to look into getting on a prepaid plan instead. Technology doesn’t need to cost a fortune, as long as you are savvy about it.