9 Mrs. Meyer’s Products Only $1.48 Each Shipped!

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This awesome deal is still available! If you have not yet signed up for the Grove Collaborative deal that I posted about HERE, you can still do so! I have another scenario that I have put together which will get you 9 Mrs. Meyer’s products for around $1.48 each shipped! And, they have added Mrs. Meyer’s Lotions to the product line! I can’t wait to try those! 

Grove Collaborative is a service that sends you the household products from brands like Method, Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, Tom’s of Maine, and more. AND, right now, when you sign up for a free Grove Collaborative account, you will get Free Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Free Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap, Free Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Spray, a free $10 credit AND Free shipping! 

Here’s how to do the deal:

First GO HERE and sign up for a FREE Grove Collaborative account. *You must go through this link for the $10 credit. 

Secondly, GO HERE and the items that you want to your account.*make sure you use this link after you have signed up – the FREE Mrs Meyers’ Dish Soap, FREE Mrs Meyer’s Hand Soap and FREE Mrs Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner will be automatically added to your cart after clicking this link. 

Add at least $20 in Mrs. Meyer’s products to your cart. (This will be around 6 items that are price at $3.89 each) FYI- You will have to fill out a short questionairre. It will automatically add items for you that it thinks you would like but you can remove those. At checkout search for the items that you are interested in. I searched Mrs. Meyer’s and added the items to my cart that way.

At checkout, you should see the $20 worth of items you selected AND the 3 Mrs Meyer’s items priced at $0.00 in your cart. *Grove will also automatically add additional items to your cart. Just remove them and bring your total down.

Check out and get Free shipping. Your total will vary depending on what you are purchasing but if you purchase $20 worth of products, after $10 credit, your total due should be around $10.00-$12 depending on which items you purchase. 

Once you place your order, to avoid future shipments, simply select for no future products to be sent! Or, if you like the service continue receiving future shipments every month!

So awesome! I have ordered now from Grove Collaborative several times and am very pleased with the company! 

-thanks, Addicted To Saving!