What To Do When The Elves Won’t Sort Christmas For You

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Being an adult is hard, it includes things like having to pay the bills, do your own washing, and you have to get to grips with the fact that no matter how hard you wish it, the Elves aren’t coming to sort Christmas for you. That means you will need to get your finances in order, to be sure you can pay for all that food, all those presents, and a nice new outfit or two for the party season! With this in mind read on for some financial tips that will help you get sorted for the holiday season.


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Seasonal Work

One way of getting your finances in a more healthy state before Christmas arrives is to make use of the increased business many companies experience during the seasonal period. You can do this by applying for some seasonal work at a second job, and earn some extra income for those present and celebrations.

In particular, restaurants get super busy at this time of year with work Christmas meals and people getting together to catch up for the holidays, so try your local eateries first. Just remember to get in quick with applications to the bigger chains, as they are the most popular jobs during the Christmas period. To help you get started, I have included a link to an Olive Garden application form, one of the most popular chains. Who knows you may even impress them and land a great full-time post too?

Christmas Corner

Something that is a bit of a tradition in our family is Christmas corner. This is a place in the house that I fill up with snacks and treats for the Christmas season each time I go shopping. The idea being that you get to build up everything you need by putting one or two items in the cart when you are doing the normal weekly shopping. This allows you to spread the cost and have a great stockpile once the Christmas season arrives.

A word to the wise though, it is often better to put Christmas corner out of sight. Unless you want your kids and other half badgering you for that box of cookies or bag of chips that they just must have now and will replace, that is. Guess what, they never do put them back, so keep your Christmas corner out of harm’s way until you are ready to let people dig in.


While shopping in the sales this year might not help you much, unless you kids agree not to have anything to open on Christmas day, it can be a massive help to next year.

All you need to do is ensure that you have a little money put away and you can snap up some fantastic bargains on toys, clothes, and electricals. Then put them away for next Christmas and not only are you organized but you can give them kids a stellar celebration, even without the help of the Elves. Although, whether you decide to tell them that they didn’t have a role this year is up to you! 🙂