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Tijuana Flats: A Delicious Review & Limited Time Turkey Options!

Disclaimer: As part of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I received my meal and a gift card in exchange for my honest review. 

Anyone in the mood for Mexican? My son Drew and I are the Mexican lovers in our house, so when we had the opportunity to visit out local Tijuana Flats in Clearwater, FL on Monday for a menu tasting we were super excited! Thank you to the staff for their hospitality and kindness – Everything was beyond exceptional and we had such a Great evening!

Tijuana Flats is known for their Tijuana Tuesdaze which gets you 2 Beef or Chicken Tacos, Chips and a Drink for only $5.49! But, for a Limited Time, they have added Ground Turkey to their menu lineup as part of their #GiveYouTheBird promotion. I am a huge fan of turkey and cook with it several times a week in my own family’s menu, so I knew that the already delicious menu offerings from Tijuana Flats would not disappoint!

We started the evening with one of my faves – The Tijuana Flats famous Trio. I absolutely LOVE the Chips, Salsa, Guacamole and Queso and could literally sit and eat this all night long!

We started our sampling of the #GiveYouTheBird Turkey offerings with the Turkey Tostadas. These are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The Lightly fried corn tortillas, refried beans, melted cheese and turkey filling are a perfect compliment to the salsa and other toppings. Honestly, you would never know that turkey was the meat in the filling. It is that delicious!

Next, we tried the Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos. My son Drew is not typically a fish eater, but he loved these! Each bite is filled with Well-Seasoned Mahi Mahi, Shredded Cabbage, Pico de gallo and a mouth-watering Southwest citrus vinaigrette. I am a huge Fish Taco fan and really enjoyed these. The vinaigrette gives the fish an extra special flare and brightness with each bite.

As we continued our food sampling, we came to the Chicken Flautas. These were hands-down the favorite of the night for both Drew and I! Lightly Fried Flour or Wheat Tortillas are filled with Blackened Chicken and Cheese and served with Queso, Guacamole and Toppings. These can also be ordered with Beef, Steak or Beans. And, for a limited time, you can get the turkey option in these. They are SO yummy and addictive that you will not be able to eat just one. Trust me!

Next came the Norrito Bowl. This is an item that I would definitely get again and again. What is a Norrito? No + Burrito = Norrito. All of the delicious fillings of a burrito but in a bowl! Salsa-Based Rice, Black Beans, Cheese, Toppings and Guacamole with your choice of filling make this the perfect Meal for any time! I love that you can add Steak, Chicken or Beef to your bowl to really customize it for your liking. I love that we can get the Turkey option right now too!

No meal would be complete without dessert, right? Well, the Desserts at Tijuana Flats definitely do not disappoint! We ended our Fun evening with the Cookie Dough Flautas. We love anything cookie dough in our house so Drew and I were a little giddy when we saw what the dessert was! The Cookie Dough Flauta is unlike anything you have ever eaten. Every bite is filled with Cookie Dough goodness filled in a lightly fried flour tortilla and topped with powdered sugar. If that wasn’t sweet enough, you get a side of Chocolate Syrup to dip the Cookie Dough Flauta in. Ummm….Yes please!

Are you ready to try some of these mouth-watering items for yourself? Don’t forget to ask for the Turkey option as your meat choice through the end of February. You will love it! This Valentine’s Day, Tijuana Flats is offering $2 Tacos and $1 Drafts.

GO HERE to find a Tijuana Flats near you.