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How to Dig Your Family Out of Debt – The Easy Way

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In these tough economic times, it can be difficult not to get into debt. Wages aren’t rising at the same rate as bills are, so staying in the black can seem almost impossible. If you do get into debt, then you’re not the only one. A third of all American families are struggling with debt, according to USA Today. So, how do you get your family out of the red and back into the black? This easy guide will help you get there.

Work out what you owe

The first thing you’re going to need to do is write up a list of your outstanding bills. Whether it is rent or mortgage payments, credit card debts or utilities. By putting everything down on paper, you’ll be able to see exactly how much you owe and to who. This step will also make it easier when we come to prioritizing, a little bit later on. Go through any unopened mail, bank statements and bills to find out exactly how much you need to pay back.

Prioritize your debts

Now you have everything written down; the next step is to work out which debts are the most important to pay back. Here’s an example of the most common debts and what their priority should be:

  • Rent or mortgage payments – To keep a roof over your family’s heads

  • Taxes – The state can imprison you if you don’t pay them; property tax is one of the most common

  • Utility bills – Keep the electrics on and the water running

  • Insurances – Especially medical insurance

  • Loans and credit card bills – Still a high priority, but not at the top of the list

  • Any other bills – If you have any other outstanding bills they should come fairly low on the list

  • Friends and family members – If you’re struggling to pay back loans from peers then they’re the least important on your list

Paying the debts off

You should now have a pretty good idea of how much you owe, to whom, and when they need to be paid back. The best thing to do would be to call every single one of the companies you owe money to and explain your situation. They may want you to fill out an income and expenses form, to prove that you really are struggling to pay things back. Here are some of the best ways to pay off some of the most common debts:

  • Rent or mortgage payments – These are your most important debts to clear first. Whatever money you have coming in will need to go toward keeping that roof over your head.

  • Taxes – Property tax should be your next biggest priority. You can look into tax loans that will help buy you some more time. Alternatively, if you have some spare cash, then it should go toward taxes.

  • Bills and Insurances – Ring up the companies you owe money to and ask if you can be put on a payment plan. Let them know how much you can afford each month and start paying it back a little bit at a time. Use any method you can think of to make some spare cash and pay them off.

Digging your head into the sand won’t work when it comes to debt – it will just make things worse. Follow this handy guide and you’ll be back in the black before you know it.