HSN Launches UniChef Celebrity Cookbook for UNICEF Campaign #HSNCares

Last Friday I had the distinct honor to attend a UNICEF Breakfast Event at HSN Studios. UNICEF was launching a Celebrity Cookbook, UniChef to help raise money for children in crisis.

In attendance at the breakfast, were HSN CEO Mindy Grossman, UNICEF CEO Caryl Stern and the author of the book Hilary Gumbel, married to Broadcaster Bryant Gumbel. These 3 women are truly remarkable and I was able to see first-hand the passion that they have for UNICEF and helping children in crisis. As I spoke with HSN CEO Mindy Grossman and UNICEF CEO Caryl Stern, I saw such a passion within these ladies to help and make a difference in the children of the world! At this time there are more crisis situations than ever before and they are committed to making a difference.

CEO Mindy Grossman stated that she hopes to raise over $750,000 in sales from the UniChef Cookbook. 20% of the proceeds from the cookbook will go to UNICEF directly. The UniChef Cookbook features recipes from 40 Celebrity Chefs including Donatella Arpai and Ingrid Hoffman who were in attendance at the UNICEF Breakfast. I had the privilege to meet each of these celebrity chefs and they are so personable and eager to help such a wonderful cause! 

The UniChef Cookbook launch coincides with the 64th annual UNICEF Trick-or-Treat Campaign. HSNi Cares, a philanthropic arm for parent company HSN, Inc. is parterning again this year with U.S. Fund for UNICEF to help raise awareness and funds. Caryl Stern, President & CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF stated, “Mindy and HSNi have been incredible partners in helping to raise funds and awareness for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.” 

One of the things that affected me was to learn that for each $1 we donate to UNICEF, 40 days of clean drinking water will be provided to a child in need. If I were to give up one $4 drink at Starbucks, that would be 160 days of water for a child in need! What a difference we can all make with just $1! I am so happy to help support such a remarkable cause that is making a Huge impact in the lives of children across the world!

The UniChef Cookbook can be purchased directly at HSN.com for $29.95. 20% of the proceeds will go directly to UNICEF. 

For more information on UNICEF, you can GO HERE for details.

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