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Keeping It Safe: When To Ask Advice On Your Savings

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So, you’ve managed to save some money. In this hostile environment that’s no small feat. With shrinking wages, increasing property prices and a slowly creeping general cost of living it can be hard to keep any money in your account. Like anyone with any assets, you should be guarding them carefully. That means finding a basic account that will reliably keep them from harm, making sure that they’re safe above all else.

But this concern for safety, whether legitimate or not, can often mean that other vital concerns are neglected. Think about what those savings could be doing for you. You can use your established assets as leverage in order to secure greater gains for your future. You should also be more open about these savings, as you will then be capable of soliciting advice on how to best keep them secure.

Whether you’re looking to simply save or want to make your money work for you. You can be sure to find some advice to suit your particular needs. In any case it can be hard to know exactly when and how to seek advice on your savings.

To give you some ideas, we’ve come up with some general guidelines:

Mortgaging – Mortgaging is one of the occasions on which it is very important to seek advice. Taking out home loans is a very financially strenuous task, and your vendor should be offering you copious amounts of advice. But it is also worth asking around for more independent advice in this field. You should think about contacting your solicitor and your private financial advisor before you sign. A mortgage will be a way of borrowing against your future, and this includes your savings, so it’s worth thinking through.

Regular Savings – At some point it simply becomes unviable to have one huge savings account. When they become considerably large, you should be thinking about diversifying your savings. You should seek advice from your bank, but it will also be worth looking for independent advice. Ask your parents and friends how they have invested their capital for their future, but always be conscious that everyone’s situation is different. You will not be able to just copy what someone else has done, hoping for the same results. You should be thinking about what risks you are willing to take in this regard.

Economic Downturns – When the economy takes a dive, whether in general or just for you, you should be taking advice from all corners. Think about how thinly spread your savings are, and think about how you are going to be affected by these changes. Be mature and measured in your response, as there is no use in panicking in any regard. But it certainly is worth contacting your broker or advisor and explaining your reason for concern. Think about your savings as a cushion for any instability that may be coming your way, and think about how comfortable you would be using your cushion in this way. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those who can provide it.