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A Fabulous Wedding on a Budget: It Can Be Done!

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Weddings are becoming increasingly expensive, as everything costs so much money. Even the cake can cost hundreds. It’s as if putting the word ‘wedding’ in front of an item automatically inflates the price. If you’re getting married, you’ll be glad to know that having a wonderful wedding on a budget can be done – you just need to get ruthless with your planning. Try these tips:

Keep Your Guest List Short and Sweet – The shorter you can keep your guest list, the cheaper and easier everything will be. Try to avoid inviting people you don’t really know because you feel obligated. Invite people you couldn’t imagine your wedding day without, and leave it at that. You can possibly invite more people to the reception, which will remain cheap providing you have an open bar.

Wedding Outfits – For your wedding outfits, consider renting them rather than buying. You’ll only wear them for one day and then never look at them again anyway! For value for money diamonds in Houston try Whiteflash. Consider buying the rest of your accessories second hand to complete your look!

Have the Ceremony Outdoors – Renting a venue to get married in can cost a fortune; probably way more than you think. If you can pick a pretty spot outdoors to get married, you’ll save a fortune. Of course this will go down well in the summer, but you could still make like Phoebe from Friends and do it in winter. Just make sure you tell your guests to wrap up warm!

Do Your Own Catering or Go Family Owned – The catering is another huge expense of weddings. If you can manage to do all of this yourself or get a family member to do it for you, you’ll save hundreds. However, you won’t always know somebody who is this way inclined. If you must get a company to do this for you, look for family owned businesses first. This kind of business will always go the extra mile to keep you happy, and you should get the service for a bargain price.

Be Sensible With Flowers – Flowers always look gorgeous in wedding decor, but you must be sensible with them if you want to save money. Keep things as small as you can to avoid spending too much on something that won’t last longer than a day. For example, you could give each bridesmaid a single flower and only have a small bouquet for yourself. Instead of centrepieces, you could decorate each place setting with a single flower. If you know somebody with a rose bush who would be kind enough to let you raid it, you could do this all on your own.

Buy Books as Gifts – It’s tradition to buy the wedding party thoughtful gifts for taking part. One of the most thoughtful and cost effective gifts you can buy is a book. Choose one specially for each person and write a message in the front to personalize it.

Create Your Own Invitations – Making great looking invitations is pretty simple, so make a few prototypes before you approach a professional company to do it for you. I bet you’ll be surprised!

Try these tips and your budget should stretch much further!