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To Call or Not To Call? Contacting Companies

I recently had a situation where I opened up a box of Nabisco Grahamfuls and one of the packages was completeley sealed but there was no product inside. I decided to make a phone call to Nabisco to let them know about the problem and to see what they would say. 

The Nabisco Customer Service rep. was super friendly and helpful. I told her about the situation with the packaging and that I had bought the product at Publix several weeks back with coupons and a sale. She said that was fine and that Nabisco likes to keep their customers happy so they would send me a FREE product coupon for another box. 

How awesome is that? Just a little phone call to let a company know about a packaging issue and they are going to send me a coupon for a FREE box? 

This got me to thinking……Do you call companies to complain or praise them about products that you and your family love or maybe don’t love? Did you know that companies want to hear from us the consumers? This is what helps them in their committment to quality of excellence in their products. 

Also, many companies will send you coupons or money-saving offers when you contact them by phone or email. I have often gotten FREE product coupons just for emailing a company to let them know how much that I love their products! Even if they don’t send you FREE product coupons, they will often send high-value coupons! This is especially helpful if there are products your family uses that you don’t often see coupons for such as organic and gluten-free items! 🙂