FREE eBook-Home Remedies: 201 Natural Home Remedies that Actually Work

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Download Home Remedies: 201 Natural Home Remedies That Actually Work. This eBook features:

Relief from over 50 common ailments including- back aches, colds, flu, headaches, stress and anxiety. Most remedies are made using natural ingredients already in your home.

This book has three parts:

1) A list of common ingredients needed to create the remedies. Most of the ingredients are already in your kitchen and the rest can be found at a local health food store.

2) A list of common natural healing ingredients found mainly in the local health food store. The guide may refer to herbal, vitamin, enzyme and homeopathic remedies as alternatives. This is because everyone responds to a different treatment. If these natural remedies are difficult to find they can be obtained through product manufacturers.

3) A step-by-step preparation recipe for each home-aid remedy. The ailment to be treated will be listed at the top of the page before each recipe.