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My Sweet Savings LIVE Radio Chat Today 10AM-10:30AM EST (Living the Dream Mom Radio Network)

Please don’t forget to join me this morning! 

I am honored and thrilled to once again be doing a live radio chat with Nina Frye on the Living the Dream Mom Radio Network! Join me this Thursday, April 26 from 10AM-10:30AM EST where I wil be speaking with Nina about coupons, saving money and more! 

I was on with Nina back in November and had such an awesome time! I would love to have you join me this time as well!

If you would like to call in during my segment, just call 1-877-864-4869. If you wish to listen live to the show on Thursday, GO HERE and then click on the yellow play button. I know that many of you are busy and may not have a chance to listen in live. Don’t worry! You can GO HERE to listen to the show after it airs. 

I am looking forward to talking with you this Thursday! Winking smile