Add 30 More Points to your Recyclebank Account!

You can add 30 more points to your Recyclebank account when you click on the Earn Points tab at the top of the log in page. Search for the Lipton Opportunity to play a short matching game. This will add 3o points to your account. If you are new to Recyclebank, there are lots of other point opportunities as well!

New to Recyclebank? Here is the scoop:

Recyclebank is another great resource for earning FREE points to get some really high-value coupons. I have been using them now for quite awhile and just love the coupons that I can get with my points. You can also use your points for Restaurant offers, gift certificates and more!

Recyclebank is a website dedicated to helping our environment, and partners with cities in rewarding individuals for recycling. 

The best part? You can sign up HERE for a free account. My next suggestion to head on over to the Earn Points section to start earning your FREE points. You will also be able to take short quizzes that will earn you some points.