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Coastal Contacts: 10,000 FREE Pairs of Glasses!

I received an email from my PR contact at, and they are giving away 10,000 FREE pairs of Eye Glasses! This promo appears to still be working so check it out. You will need to pay shipping which is around $10-$15. How can you go wrong for FREE Glasses?

I know that so many of you in the past have taken advantage of their FREE Eyeglass promos and have been super satisfied! This giveaway is for first-time partcipants in the US.

Here is how to get your FREE glasses:

1. Visit our Facebook Page and click on the ‘Free Glasses!!’ tab on the left side of our page.

2. Click the “like” button to reveal the coupon code or if you’ve already “liked” us the code will be displayed when you click on the tab.

3. Visit our website and select a pair of glasses (we suggest picking out 3-5 pairs).

4. Place your order and enter the coupon code at checkout to get your free pair of glasses.