Your Chance to Help a Great Cause: Stamp Out Hunger (5/14)

I know that I haven’t posted much today, but I did want to make sure that I got this up. Tomorrow, May 14, we all have an opportunity to help a wonderful cause-Stamp Out Hunger. Stamp Out Hunger helps millions of Americans fighting hunger right in our own back yards. 

How can we help? If you are like me, I am sure that you have quite a stockpile of food. All you need to do to help this great cause is to get a bag (we actually received one in our mailbox yesterday) and place non-perishable items inside of it. Place the items at your mailbox and your mailman will deliver them to a local food pantry!

What a great and easy way for us all to give back! I have my bag of goodies all together so Drew and I can take them to the mailbox in the morning!