Sunday Coupon Preview: 4-6 Inserts for 5/1!

Reminder: There may actually be 4-6 inserts tomorrow. Some folks will see a special Pepsi insert as well as a Target coupon insert. It is definitely a great week to purchase more than 2 papers!

According to Sunday Coupon Preview, we can expect to see 4 inserts for this Sunday, May 1 . Most areas should have 2 SS (Smartsouce) 1 RP(Redplum) insert, and 1 P&G (Proctor & Gamble) insert.


*Remember to purchase at least 2 newspapers on Sunday so that you will have 2 like coupons if there is a BOGO sale on your favorite products. Also, the more newspapers that you purchase, the more coupons you will have to add sale items to your stockpile,

*Also, I would encourage you to check your newspapers before you purchase them to make sure that no inserts are missing. The past several weeks the St. Petersburg Times has been missing inserts-I prefer the Tampa Tribune and it is only $0.50 on Sundays!

*coupons and coupon values do vary by area.

Head on over to see what coupons you like!