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Couponing to Give

With the holidays quickly upon us, I thought that it would be great to go ahead and mention the importance of couponing to give to those in need. 

If you have been a MSS reader for awhile, you may remember last year we did the My Sweet Savings Project Giving. This year has been a little different for me since I am 4 weeks away from having my baby. I am not shopping as much and we are basically just starting to live off of our stockpile.

I am planning on donating items from my stockpile to some folks in need this holiday season. 

I want to encourage you as well to pick up a few items each time that you shop to give to those in need. I personally feel that I have been so blessed with finding deals and accumulating a large stockpile, that nothing gives me greater joy than to help those in need!

If you can get items for FREE or pennies on the dollar why not help someone less fortunate this holiday season?

Will you join me this Holiday season and coupon to give to those in need?

Thanks so much and I hope that you all are blessed this Holiday season!