Toluna: Earn Cash, Test Products, Do Surveys, Polls & More!

Hurry! I just received an email and Toluna is looking for some more people to help them out!

If you are like me, I am always on the lookout for ways to earn a few extra dollars here and there whenever possible. I find that by doing a few surveys here and there can really help out!

Now, you will by no means become rich by doing surveys, but it does help out. In fact, if you take that money and set it aside, by the end of the year, you wlll have acquired a decent amount of money and gift cards…..just by doing surveys! I like to do my surveys at night while watching television with my hubby.

Well, I have another top survey site to tell you about Toluna. They are a lot like Synovate and Pinecone, but less choosey. The reviews on this company are awesome! You will be able to test products and earn some extra cash with Toluna.

Just for signing up, you will be entered to win $4,500 and you will be able to enter surveys, polls, test products and more! And once you sign up, you can take several surveys a day which take about 5-30 minutes each. You will usually make an average of $1.00-$3.00 per survey, sometimes you may receive one that pays as much as $5.00 or more! Even if you don’t qualify for surveys, you will receive points that can be exchanged towards money or gift cards when you reach a certain point.

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