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Walgreens 101-Understanding the Drugstore Game

I am so excited to finally have a Walgreens 101 post to share with you guys! I tried to be as detailed as possible, but please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them for you!


Shopping at Walgreens, in many ways, is a lot like shopping at CVS. Like the Extra Care Program at CVS, Walgreens also has a rewards program called the Register Rewards Program. When you purchase certain products or a certain dollar amount of an item, you will receive a coupon called a Register Reward for your purchase. This coupon is valid on your next purchase and is to be used as a form of payment.

The best way to maximize your savings at Walgreens and to get items for FREE or for pennies on the dollar is to combine a manuf. Coupon with your Register Rewards.

Here are some of the most important things that you need to know for shopping at Walgreens:

Shopping at Walgreens does not require a store loyalty card like CVS does.

-You will only receive Register Rewards one time per each deal for each transaction that you make

For example:

 Colgate toothpaste is on sale for $1.99 with $1 Register Reward you will need to make separate transactions if you wish to receive more than one Register Reward. You cannot purchase 2 tubes of Colgate in one transaction and receive 2 Register Rewards-your transactions must be separate if you wish to receive multiple Register Rewards for the same deals.

You cannot roll your Register Rewards at Walgreens on like or the same items. Unlike CVS, where you can roll an ECB from one deal and do the same deal again to pay very little Out of Pocket Expense, you cannot do this at Walgreens.

You can, however, use the Register Reward that you received from  one deal to purchase another item that is producing a Register Reward and still receive a Register Reward back for that purchase. I know this seems very confusing and unfortunately, that is the way that the system at Walgreens works!


You can take your $1 Register Reward from purchasing the Colgate toothpaste and apply that towards a purchase for Herbal Essences Shampoo which is $2.99 that week with $2 in Register Rewards. Then, if you wish, you can use that Register Reward to turn around and buy the Colgate again.  You could keep rolling back and forth between the two deals if you choose to do so, just remember that you cannot roll Register Rewards on like items and you should be good to go!

Like CVS, Walgreens offers their own store coupons that you can stack with manufacturer’s Coupons to really maximize your savings even more!

Walgreens store coupon s typically come in two different forms:

Weekly Ad Coupons-these are the coupons that will be in the weekly Walgreens flier. You can stack those coupons with any manufacturer’s coupons that you have to score FREE or very inexpensive items.

IVC (Instant Value Coupons) These coupons can be found in the monthly Walgreens coupon booklet which is usually located next  to the weekly flier.

You cannot have more coupons than items in your transaction at Walgreens. This is a very important tip to remember when shopping at Walgreens! If you have 6 items in your shopping basket but you have 8 coupons, you will need to have a couple of small filler items. (candy bar, gum. Pencil, something from the clearance section) If you don’t have filler items, the register will beep at the cashier and you will not be able to use all of your coupons. Important Note: IVC coupons and Weekly ad coupons should not make the cash register beep if you have more coupons than items in your transaction. It is typically when you have several Register Rewards with manufacturer’s coupons and more coupons than items that causes this to happen. Did you know that those Register Rewards are really manufacturer’s coupons? That is why the register will beep if you have more manuf. Coupons than items in your shopping basket!


You are purchasing Tylenol for $4.99. You have a $2 manufacturer’s coupon and a $2 Register Reward from a previous purchase. You have two coupons, but you are only purchasing one item. You will need to have a small filler item to cover that extra coupon.

You should hand over your coupons in a certain order when shopping at Walgreens. Typically, I like to hand over my coupons in this order:

  • Manufacturer’s Coupons first
  • Any Walgreens weekly ad coupons or IVC coupons secondly
  • Register Rewards last

If you hand over your coupons in this order, you will be able to receive Overage on occasion if your store allows. With that being said, I highly suggest that you print out a copy of the Walgreens Store Coupon Policy HERE and keep it with you at all times.  It is Walgreens policy to adjust a coupon value down if it is more than the price of the item. You will find when couponing that this will happen on occasion. This is a way to add items to your stockpile for FREE!

Search for Money-Making Deals!


This week at Walgreens, they have Neuragen PN Pain Relief Topical Solution on sale for $14.99 each with $10 in Register Rewards.

Use the $10/1 manufacturer’s coupon from the 12/5 RP insert

Pay $4.99 OOP and receive back a $10 RR! You will come out ahead $5.01 on this purchase! This is what we call a money-making deal! You will only pay $4.99 of your own money, but in the end you will $10 in Walgreen’s money (Register Rewards) to use on your next trip at Walgreens…..very sweet indeed!

Treat Register Rewards like Cash! These are really a form of payment and if they are lost or stolen. Walgreens will not be able to reissue them for you.

Watch those expiration dates on your Register Rewards! Unlike CVS, where your ECB’S (Extra Care Bucks) have a month-long expiration date, Register Rewards expire 2 weeks from the time that they are issued. Watch your expiration dates very closely! I have had several Register Rewards expire on me before and that is no fun to a die-hard couponer like me who pinches every penny!

Don’t forget to donate your extra items! I love to help others and donate my extra stockpile to those in need whenever possible. If you are new to couponing, you will quickly find out just how easy it is to accumulate FREE items! Donate some to those in need!

I hope that you will find this post helpful and that you will enjoy your shopping experience at Walgreens! Couponing and saving money can be very sweet if you just know how the tips and guidelines for doing so!


CVS 101-Understanding the Drugstore Game

Here is the CVS 101 post for all of you fellow CVS shoppers. I tried to be as detailed as possible, but please let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to help in any way that I can!


CVS 101

Are you new to CVS shopping? Want to know how to shop at CVS using their Extra Care Buck (ECB) program. Here are some things that you should know:

If you do not already have an Extra Care card, ask the cashier for one the next time that you are at CVS or you can sign up HERE for FREE. You will want to have this card with you at all times when shopping at CVS as it will allow you to receive some really sweet and even FREE deals! Make sure to hand over your Extra Care Card each time that you shop at CVS, so that you can receive sale prices as well as Extra Care Bucks when you purchase qualifying items. Having an Extra Care Card will not only allow you to receive Extra Care Bucks and sale prices, but it will also allow you to earn 2% back on all of your purchases!  Make sure to register your Extra Care Card online as CVS will send out emails with coupons and special offers.

What is an Extra Care Buck (ECB)? Extra Care Bucks are coupons that print out at the bottom of your receipt when you purchase qualifying items that have Extra Care Bucks attached to that item. Extra Care Bucks are like money and can be used on anything in the store except for gift cards, alcohol, cigarettes, stamps, phone cards, etc… You can use these ECB’s as a form of payment the next time that you make a purchase at CVS.

Here is an example:

First Trip: Purchase one tube of toothpaste @ $2.99 and receive back an ECB for $2 on the bottom of your receipt.

The next trip to CVS, purchase one package of diapers @ $7.99. Use the $2 ECB from your previous purchase and pay just $5.99. If you have manufacturer’s coupons to use along with your ECB’s, you can add those in to maximize your savings even more!

What is an Extra Care Coupon? Have you ever noticed the red scanner machines when you walk in the front door at CVS? These machines are actually coupon machines, and when you scan your Extra Care Card, it will print out Extra Care Coupons! These Extra Care Coupons are CVS store coupons that can be combined with your manufacturer’s coupons and ECB’s to get some really sweet deals!


You scan your Extra Care Card at the red scanner machine and receive an Extra Care coupon for $3 off Huggies diapers. They are on sale that week for $8.99. You also have a $2 manufacturer’s coupon and a $3 ECB from a previous purchase. You can combine all of those coupons together and pay just $0.99 + tax out of pocket for the package of diapers!

What does it mean to roll my ECB’s? Rolling your ECB’s at CVS allows you to get really great deals. In fact, this is one of the reasons that make shopping at CVS so much fun! Rolling your ECB’s simply means that you buy an item that earns ECB’s and use those ECB’s to buy another item that earns ECB’s. This allows you to pay very little money OOP (out of pocket) when you utilize your ECB’s this way. In fact, you can get items for FREE many times! You can roll your ECB’s onto the same deal and still get the ECB’s as long as the limit for that particular deal is more than one. Make sure that you look at the limit of each item (found in fine print) before you roll your ECB’s on the same item.


Huggies Diapers are on sale for $8.99 per package with a $3 ECB (limit per Extra Care Card is 2)

So, you buy one package of diapers @ $8.99 and get a $3 ECB. You then can use that $3 ECB you just received to purchase another package of diapers and get the $3 ECB again. And, don’t forget if you have manufacturer’s coupons to use them along with the ECB’s to maximize your savings even more!

What is a moneymaker deal at CVS?  Moneymaker deals are when you purchase an item and make money on the deal in the end!


Crest Mouthwash is on sale @ $3.99 each with a $3 ECB. You have a manufacturer’s coupon for $2 off the mouthwash. After the coupon, you pay $1.99 OOP, but receive back a $3 ECB. In the end, after your coupon and ECB, you made $1.01 on the deal! And, if the limit on the item is more than one, you can roll your ECB’s and do the deal again!

What are $/$$ Coupons? It is important to register your Extra Care Card online and to sign up for CVS promotional emails. When you register your card for the first time, you will be able to sign up for a $4/20 purchase coupon. They will often send out other $/$$ coupons that you can use along with your other coupons. These are often coupon for $4/20 purchase or $5/30 purchase. These coupons are valid to use BEFORE all other coupons are deducted.


Purchase 2 packages of Huggies Diapers $8.99 each, receive $3 ECB per for each package purchased (limit 2)

Purchase 3 bottles of Dawn Hand Soap at $0.99 each.

Total: $20.95

Use: $4/20 Purchase CVS coupon, 2 $3/1 Huggies Manuf. Coupon, 3 $0.50/1 Dawn Hand Soap Manuf. Coupons, + $5 ECB from a previous transaction.

Pay : $4.45 OOP after all coupons and get back a $6 ECB for having purchased 2 packages of Huggies diapers to use on your next trip!

Is there a specific order that I should hand over my coupons in at CVS? I find that it is always best to hand over your coupons in this order:

  • Extra Care Card-all discounts will not come off unless the cashier scans this.
  • $/$$ coupons
  • Manuf. Coupons
  • CVS Coupons
  • ECB’s-Always make sure to hand these over last!

If you present your $/$$ coupons after your manufacturer’s and store coupons, your total transaction amount may not be high enough for the register to accept your coupons, that is why it is best to hand coupons in this order.

 Also, please keep in mind that you will not receive change on your ECB’s if you do not use the full amount. I always try to have a detailed plan of action before I head to the checkout to avoid this problem; however, there have been a few times that I have needed to grab a pack of gum or candy bar to use the full amount of my ECB’s. Just something to keep in mind-you always want to get the most bang for your buck!

Your ultimate goal when shopping at CVS: to spend as little money OOP (out of pocket) as possible and to roll your ECB’s on items that produce ECB’s and actually make you money. Once you get the hang of the drug store game, it will become addicting and you will never want to pay full price for items again–I promise! 🙂

(still available) *HOT* 2 Year Subscription to Parenting the Early Years as low as $3!

Reminder: Hurry! This HOT deal is still available! Just click on the Extra Saves to the right of the Eversave home page and you will see this deal.

Wow! There is a super HOT deal today over at Eversave! You can score a 2 year subscription to Parenting the Early Years for only $5 with FREE Shipping! And, if you are new to Eversave, you will score a $2 credit to your account making this deal only $3! That is only $1.50 per year!

…..On top of that, let me just tell you, this magazine has had some HOT coupon in it recently! My last few issues have had 20% off coupons for diapers at Amazon! In my opininon, this is totally worth it just for the coupons! I also love Eversave and use them now on a regular basis!

Here is how to get in on this deal:

*GO HERE to log in or sign up for a FREE Eversave account. (new members receive a $2 credit to their account)

*You may need to select Birmingham or another city if you don’t see this deal for your area.

*Click on the Buy Now button.

*Eversave will email you a voucher with your unique 13 digit number two days after your purchase at 12pm EST.

*Use the code on your voucher to purchase your subscription to Parenting the Early Years over at Blue Dolphin! It’s just that easy!

Fine Print: Expires: Jan 31, 2012 Code available 2 days after purchase at 12:00:PM EST. Free shipping is included. May buy up to 3 Saves for gifts and repeat purchases. Use 1 code per order


Target: Kikkoman Soy Sauce & Egg Deal

I have not personally done this deal, I am just passing it along. Someone over on Totally Target mentioned it and I thought it was worth posting!

Purchase 2 bottles of Kikkoman Soy Sauce around $1.49 each

Purchase 1 dozen eggs $1.19 each

Use 2 $1/1 Kikkoman Soy Sauce coupons from HERE

Stacked with the manuf. coupon for $1 off 1 carton of eggs w/ purchase of 2 Kikkoman products  or save $0.55/1 carton of eggs when you buy 1 Kikkoman product from the 1/23 RP insert (the coupon value varied by region)

Pay just $1.17 for all 3 products with the $1/2 Kikkoman or pay $1.62 with the $0.55/1 coupon!

**Please remember that prices may vary by region

*HOT* Walgreens Deals: Neuragen PN $5 Moneymaker, Lysol Healthy Touch & Russell Stover Chocolate

**New to Walgreens shopping? Be sure to check out my Walgreens 101 post HERE.

Here are a few *HOT* Walgreens deals that you will want to take advantage of this week!

Neuragen PN Topical Pain Solution is reportedly ringing up at $14.99 with $10 in RR.

Use the $10/1 Neuragen PN manuf. coupon from the 12/5 RP (regional coupon) or from the Walgreens Diabetes & You, Magazine Winter edition (usually found near the pharmacy)

Pay $4.99 OOP and receive back a $10 RR

= $5.01 Moneymaker!

**If this is something that you won’t use, this will be an awesome item to donate to someone in need of this product!

Lysol Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System is $11.99 with $7 in RR.

 Use the $3/1 manuf. coupon from the 1/9 SS or HERE

Pay $8.99 OOP and receive back a $7 RR

= $1.99 after coupon & RR!

 Russell Stover Private Reserve Chocolate are reportedly ringing up at $2.24 each (if you don’t see a sign have them scan it)

Use the $1/1 Russell Stover Chocolate coupon from the 12/12 SS

= $1.24 for a box of nice chocolate! What perfect timing for Valentine’s Day!

(thanks, Shoppers Apprentice, Hip 2 Save & Wild for Wags!)

See Here: 25 Adorable Photo Valentine’s Cards only $2.49 Shipped!

Oh my word! Are these just the cutest Valentine’s Day cards ever? You can get 24 of these adorable cards for only $2.49 shipped!

See Here is once again offering up 25 FREE Photo Cards to new members when you use promo code: 25cards at checkout. Shipping will be around $2.49, so this is a great deal.


These would make the most adorable and unique Valentine’s Day Cards! You could also make cute Thank You cards, Invitations, or there are lots of other possibilites that you can customize these cards for.

Here is how to get your deal:


  • GO HERE to create a new See Here account.
  • Take a photo of your child with his/her hand outstretched.
  • Click on the Photo Cards link.
  • Create your Photo Cards (4×8)
  • Choose your Design.
  • Add 24 cards to your account.
  • Use promo code 25cards at checkout.
  • Your total should be $2.49!
  • When you receive your cards, cut out a small slit in the paper and slide a lollipop right in. How aboslutely adorable is this? 🙂

(thanks to Crystal at Frugal Chic Living for the Idea & Photo!)




(Update) Publix: Possible FREE Clorox Wipes!

UPDATE: Hmmm… so I checked  my 1/2 SS insert coupons. The coupons that I received in my area is actually for $1 off ANY 2 Clorox Wipes. The value of this coupon must have been regional as some areas did receive $1 coupon. This will still be a good deal paired with 2 of the new Target Clorox coupons ($0.49 for 2 cannisters) just not FREE as I had thought earlier. So, double check your coupon values before heading out the door….Sorry! Sad smile

I was just glancing at the new Target coupons over on Totally Target and noticed the new Target coupon for $0.75/1 Clorox Wipes. If you live near a Publix and they consider Target a competitor, you can possibly score FREE Clorox Wipes this week!

Purchase 2 containers of Clorox Wipes BOGO @ $2.99 each

Use 2 $0.75/1 Clorox Wipes manuf. coupons from the 1/2 SS or some areas received a $1/2 Clorox Wipes coupon

Stacked with 2 $0.75/1 Target coupons from HERE (if your store considers Target a competitor)

= FREE or $0.49 for 2 cannisters of Clorox Wipes after the coupon stack

Please stop back by and let us know if you are able to score this deal!