My Albertsons Show & Tell

I thought that it would be fun for you guys if I mixed things up a bit this week and did an Albertsons Show and Tell instead of a Publix one! I did get a few things this week at Publix like the $0.39/2 Starbucks Coffee Free Ice Cream and some of the squash/zuchini that is on sale for $0.99 a lb.

So, this morning after I dropped Drew off at Preschool, I went to Albertsons, coupons in hand, and got all that you see pictured for around $7! By the way, you can take advantage of this deals as well until the end of the day today! 

14 8count packs of Zephyrhills Aquapod water @ $1 each

Used 7 $1.50/2 coupons from the 8/29 RP

= $3.50 for 112 bottles of water!!! These are so nice to have for Drew’s lunch at Preschool and to add to our Hurricane stash!

9 packages of Marcal Toilet Paper @ $1 each (this is not the softest TP in the world, but hey, it does it’s job! LOL!)

Used 9 $1/1 coupons from the 8/22 SS

= FREE just had to pay tax

4 bags of Doritos @ $1.88 each + 2 2liters of Diet Cherry Pepsi @ $1 each

Used 2 FREE Pepsi 2l liters wyb 2 bags of Doritos tear-pad coupons taped to the Doritos

Each coupon took off $2 for the Pepsi even though they were only $1 each

 = $3.52 for 4 bags of Doritos and 2 2liters of Pepsi. Doritos are Drew’s favorite chips and for that price,  I decided to splurge a little on him! 😉