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Daily Sweet Fix :: Tips on Using Free Item Coupons

Today’s Daily Sweet Fix is all bout using Free item coupons!

I love to receive Free item coupons from contacting companies about their products and through Facebook and other promotional offers!

I have a few helpful tips for you on using those FREE item coupons at the store:

First of all, I find that is helpful to use FREE item coupons when I am trying to get my total up to use a $/$$ coupon at a store. For example, yesterday I wanted to use a Publix $10/50 coupon. I used several FREE item coupons {as well as other coupons} to get my total up to $50 so that I could use that $10 coupon! This is very helpful and allows you to get more bang for your buck!

Secondly, I always write down the price of the FREE item on the coupon for the cashier. This not only saves time, but also allows my transaction to go much smoother. Almost every cashier thanks me for this as it saves them from having to go back, find the item, and then write the price of the product on the coupon! 🙂

Lastly, when it comes to FREE item internet coupons, I find that many times it is helpful to stop by the Customer Service Desk at the store you are shopping to ask them if they will accept that coupon. Because of the horrible effects that coupon fraud is having on couponers, many stores are no longer accepting these. It is helpful to ask before using the coupon to avoid any embarrasment or confusion on your part. I hate that coupon fraud is becoming so predominant nowadays. It really hurts those of us that are using coupons the right way and are just trying to save our families some money!

 Do you have a helpful tip on using FREE item coupons? If so, please let me know!