Learnin’ the Coupon Lingo-BOLO & OOP

Today’s Learnin’ the Coupon Lingo Lesson is about the terms : BOLO and OOP

BOLO-this term means Be On The Lookout For

You will usually see this term referenced on couponing blogs and forums to BOLO for a certain type of coupon or sale. For example, you may hear me say, “BOLO for a new coupon booklet at Publix” I am telling you to Be On The Lookout for that booklet.

OOP-this term means Out Of Pocket

Simply put, the money that you will spend out of your own pocket at a store minus coupons and other discounts. I mention this term quite frequently when discussing scenarios at stores. For example, in a Walgreens post, I may mention at the end of the post that after your $1 coupon and Register Rewards are applied to your order, your OOP will be $2. I am telling you what your Out Of Pocket {cash that you will spend} expense will be after all coupons and discounts are applied.

Hope this helps! Stay tuned for more Coupon Lingo!:)