Learnin’ the Coupon Lingo-PSA

Today’s term for Learnin’ the Coupon Lingo is: PSA

Have you ever seen this term before on a coupon forum or blog and thought to yourself, “What can this possibly mean?” I have to be honest with you, when I started die-hard couponing many years ago, I was really confused by this term.

PSA means: Prices Starting At.

In looking at CVS and other ad previews on Couponing Forums, I often seen this term mentioned without any explanation. For example, CVS will list an upcoming sale on Colgate Toothpaste and in fine print it will say Prices Starting At. We couponers have shortened those words to PSA; therefore, that is the term that you will see on the couponing blogs out there!

Hope this helps! You now know yet another Coupon Lingo term! More to come so stay tuned! 🙂