Daily Sweet Fix :: Entertaining Your Children While You Shop!

Today’s Daily Sweet Fix is all about how to entertain the kiddos while you shop! Now, I have to admit that I love to shop alone, but many times I have to take Drew with me. As you well know, it is so easy for children to get bored while shopping, so I have a few creative ideas to keep them entertained {at least for awhile!}

First of all, what child does not like to receive praise and recognition for a job well done? With that in mind, why not give your child a coupon or an item off of your list and have them help you find the product that you are looking for? After awhile this will become like a game to your child! At the same time, you are teaching responsibility and how to save money!

Secondly, have your child help you search for coupons in the store. Drew loves to help Mommy search for new blinkie coupons! {the coupons that are dispensed from a machine} When he sees a new one he gets so excited! In fact, many times I have to say, “Drew, I think that is enough coupons for now-let’s leave some for other people!”

Thirdly, bring coloring books or crayons with you to let the kiddos stay entertained while you are shopping. I know that this may seem a little generic, but in all reality it works! I always have my list ready to go so I don’t have to wander around longer than necessary throughout the store, but I find that having a coloring book and crayons with me seems to entertain Drew long enough to get what I need!

Lastly, Drew has a Leapster Learning System that we will take with us to the store on occasion. I have to say, that has been a life-saver at times! Children tend to get bored very easily and this has the ability to entertain him for just the amount of time that I need to get the items on my list! I also like the Leapster because many of the games are educational and not just another video game.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this topic. What do you do to keep your kiddos entertained while shopping?