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Your Daily Sweet Fix :: Rain Checks = Money!

Today’s Daily Sweet Fix is all about rain checks! I have had some questions lately from readers regarding this topic, so I thought that I would visit it today!

How many times have you gone to the store, coupons in hand to purchase a certain product, only to find that they are all out of that item? This is when you need to get a rain check!  From my experience, a rain check can prove to be a very valuable piece of paper-almost like cash!

I  find that if there is a product the store is out of at the moment and I was not planning on buying, but would like to try the item down the road, I ask for a rain check! Many times, coupons will become available for that product at a later date, and since I have my handy-dandy rain check, I can now try the product for a fraction of the regular price!

Rain checks are especially valuable at places like CVS. I don’t know about you, but I find that many times CVS is out of their Extra Care Buck items after the start of the first sale day. Did you know that you can get a rain check on those items as well? When the cashier is writing your rain check, they will write a special code (found right near the item in the ad) on it. This enables the cashier to print out your Extra Care Bucks when the item is back in stock and you purchase it. So, having a rain check not only allows one to receive the sale price (after the sale is over), but  it also allows you to receive your Extra Care Bucks as well! Pretty sweet deal on the part of CVS! As a busy mommy, I also love this concept because now I don’t feel that I have to run to CVS on the first day of the sale!

Some rain checks will have a 30 day expiration on them, so make sure to look it over thoroughly. I know that for me, the newer Publix rain checks state this. CVS, on the other hand, has rain checks that never expire! I am not 100% certain about the rain checks at Walgreens, but I think that they expire within 30 days.

So, if you are not getting rain checks while shopping, I would think again! These peices of paper can become like cash in your wallet!