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Have You Ever Had This Happen ??

I am in Orlando right now at my friend Charity’s house. We have been having a blast visting, sitting by the pool, watching movies, and relaxing. I am also showing her the ropes of couponing and bargain-hunting! 🙂 In fact, look for her Grocery Challenge story to Publix later here on the blog! I had so much fun showing her all the Publix deals this week! I love to help others, so this was special to me! 🙂 

Anyway, I have been having so much fun that when I looked in my purse this morning I noticed that I had several Walgreens Register Rewards that expired on Monday. I was so sad! 🙁  (this is one reason why I like CVS so much-ECB’s last a whole month long, while RR at Walgreens only last 2 weeks!)

Have you ever had this happen? I know that some stores actually accept expired coupons. Is your store one of those?

I just took it as one of those live and learn lessons. You know, it seems that there is always a bargain to be had somewhere out there! I will get back those expired RR with another deal somewhere along the way! 🙂

What is your experience with this situation? I would love to hear your thoughts!