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Fresh From Florida Kids Program

If you are the parent of a child under the age of 24 months and live in the state of FL, there is a really neat program to tell you about!

Fresh From Florida Kids Program is a program that helps parents to instill healthy eating habits in their children.

How the program works ::

  • Just use the information on the web site. It’s that easy! By following the three phases of the program, you’ll learn how to instill healthy eating habits in your children. Remember to visit this web site regularly, as new tips and recipes are posted often.
  • In addition to using this website you can enroll in the program to receive the tools to help you begin your baby or toddler on the path to healthy eating. If you are a Florida resident and have a child who is up to 24 months of age you are eligible to join and receive one of the “Fresh from Florida Kids” healthy eating kits. Limit one kit per household. Kit items may vary.

    Jenny over at Southern Savers reports that the kits currently have the following items and coupons in them:

    Kits currently have:

    1 notebook filled with tips and recipes for healthy eating
    1 cutting board
    1 vegetable peeler
    1 Munchkin brand baby food grinder
    1 apron
    2 full-size reusable bags
    1 ice-cube tray
    1 toddler food set (a sippy cup, bowl, spoon and fork)
    1 bib
    1 food container with lid that has the gel stuff in in that you freeze
    2 Publix coupon books (all store coupons)!!

    The coupons are:

    $0.75 off one avacado
    $1 off any bunch of bananas
    $1.50 off any whole cantaloupe
    $1 off fresh green beans
    $2 off 5 or 10lb bag potatoes
    $1 off fresh yellow squash
    (all above expire 8/31/2010)

    $1.50 off bag, bulk, or crunch-pack apples
    $1 off any bag of baby carrots
    $1.50 off fresh broccoli
    $1 off fresh sweet potatoes
    $1 off any package of grape tomatoes
    $1 off any bag or bulk oranges
    $2 off any gallon Publix orange juice
    $1.50 off any package strawberries
    $3 off any whole watermelon
    $1 off fresh zucchini
    (this set expires 12/31/2010)

    GO HERE to sign up and to help your child get started eating healthy today!

    (thanks to Southern Savers for the info!)