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March Into Couponing :: Where to Find Coupons?

Last week in my March Into Couponing post, I discussed with you in detail, the different types of coupons that are available, as well as some of the Coupon Lingo that we coupon enthusiasts use!  Today, I thought that it would helpful to discuss in more detail where to find the best coupons that are out there.

There are actually lots of places to find coupons, but here are some of my favorites ::

Sunday Inserts– I know this is an obvious source, right? If the coupons are really good a certain week, I will usually get 6-8 papers. In my area, (Tampa Bay) we can purchase the Sunday paper for only .50 at select locations. For many of you, I know that finding a Sunday paper at that price is out of the question; so, I would recommend my next 2 coupon sources to you then-EBay and Coupon Clipping sites!

Ebay– I know that for some people, ordering coupons from Ebay may be a little odd, right? Do not let it be! Ebay is a great source for ordering coupons, and I have gotten some great deals! I like ordering coupons from Ebay for 2 reasons: First of all, if I need a coupon that my region did not get in the newspaper, many times I can find it on Ebay. Also, I can order coupons right from the luxury of my own home! This makes couponing so much nicer and less-stressful! Ebay also tends to offer really great prices on coupons and, many times, shipping will be included in the price!

Coupon-Clipping sites-Next to Ebay, Coupon-clipping sites are another favorite of mine for finding coupons that I did not receive in my Sunday inserts. A few of my favorite coupon-clipping sites are the Coupon Clippers, and My Coupon Hunter.

Trading for Coupons– If you are not yet a member of an online Couponing Community such as Hot Coupon World, I would suggest signing up. Membership is FREE and once you join, you can become a part of their coupon trading group! You can trade coupons with other members and really build some great friendships as well! I highly recommend Hot Coupon World!  

Fliers– Do you ever get junk mail and throw it right away? Don’t! The next time that you receive junk mail, make sure that you glance over as there may be some valuable coupons hiding! I have found many a coupon this way!

Online– I know that you hear mention Coupons.Com and Redplum quite frequently, but they really do have some of the best coupons around! I love the fact as well, that typically you can print 2 of each coupon that is available on these sites! That makes a BOGO deal especially sweet! Also, did you know that you can often times find coupons for products right on the manufacturer’s site ?!

Magazines– I cannot even begin to tell you how many FREE magazine subscriptions that I have coming to my house on a monthly basis! Why, you may ask? Well, to be honest with you, I don’t even read half of them. I get them for the coupons that are found inside! So, the next time that you see me post a FREE magazine subscription, Jump on it!

Stores– This could tend to be a very broad source, so I am just going to give you my best advice surrounding this source. As you already know, from my weekly Publix posts, I love stacking store coupons with manufacturer coupons. While you may not have a Publix near you, check your local supermarket to see if they have store coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons. You may be very surprised to learn that your store does indeed have store coupons!

Baby Clubs– I would definitely recommend seeing if your store has a Baby Club. Many times, being a part of a Baby Club will give you access to some great store coupons! Places like Publix and Winn Dixie offer some great money-saving coupons when you join their Baby Club! Check your store to see what they offer, once again, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Right in front of your Eyes– Okay, I know that sounds a little tacky, but really, the next time you are at the store, take a look at the little blinkie machines that are located all around the store! I promise, you will have fun collecting coupons! Or, better yet, have your little one collect the coupons for you! My little boy loves to help mommy with couponing! Also, be on the lookout for peelie coupons right on products! I have gotten some really great coupons right at my grocery store for products that I have been wanting to try!

I hope that this information will be of help to you whether or not you are just starting out couponing, or if you are a couponing pro! Please stop by and let me know if you have any questions regarding couponing. I will love to help you!

–Stay tuned, next week’s post is going to be about Coupon Organization!