Time and Money-Saving Sites!!

With the school year quickly upon us, I know that you all are trying to pinch those pennies and save even more right now. I am sure that you are also looking for easy recipes and time-saving tips to make your day a great one! I thought that it would be fun and helpful to compile a list of some of my favorite cooking and time-saving websites. I hope that they will give you some great tips! Enjoy!!

-Check out: www.cookingwithkraft.com for some easy and tasty recipes that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy! While you are on the site, check to see how you can earn up to $30 in Publix gift cards! Wouldn’t that be helpful for all those school lunches you will be preparing? 😉

-Check out : www.nabiscoworld.com/back-to-school/ to sign up for a money-saving calendar featuring over $55 in Nabisco coupons that are sure to be a help this new school year!

-Be on the lookout for the new Proctor and Gamble coupon insert coming to your local newspaper August 2-It will be featuring over $96 in money-saving coupons! Check it out here: www.pgeverydaysolutions.com While you are there, be sure to sign up on the site for great printable coupons as well!

-For those of us with preschoolers, I know that mealtime can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you have picky eaters. I am thankful that Drew is a pretty good eater, but he does have his days! 😉 Here is a great article from Juicy Juice with some fun tips on getting your kids to try out new things: www.juicyjuice.com/Articles/Article-Details.aspx?ArticleId=01625408-C95D-4D2D-9A0A-40170A635D24&source=10075478 You can also register on the site and receive money-saving coupons by email. Once a month they send out some great high-value coupons!

-One of my favorite websites for recipes, cooking tips, etc… is www.kraftfoods.com While you are on the site browsing, be sure to sign up for their emails. They usually include money-saving coupons in each email! I get some of my best dishes right from this website! I love it and I know that you will too!

-Do your kids love to help you in the kitchen? Drew is at such a fun age right now and wants to help with everything! I try to let him help me as much as possible, because I know how much he loves it! He especially loves to help Mommy bake. Check out the Kids in the Kitchen (scroll under Cooking and Recipes) section at : www.quakeroats.com for some great tips on getting your kids in the kitchen with you! There are also many healthy and tasty recipes for you to choose from on this site! 😉

-Another one of my favorite all-purpose sites for anything and everything home-related is: www.rightathome.com This site is awesome since they are always giving something away! You just need to sign up and become a member. Once you become a member and start receiving their emails, they will notify you of their give-a-ways. I have gotten so many FREEBIE coupons and house-related items just for being a member! While you are on the site check out this link for a FREEBIE coupon for Cascade Dishwasher Rinse. In the same booklet will be other great Proctor and Gamble coupons-just fill out the info here for your coupon booklet: www.startsampling.com/sm/100900/quickQuestion.iphtml?item=100900&source

-Lastly, Kellogg’s is once again doing their Fuel for School program this year. They are encouraging children to start the day with a balanced and nutritious meal before heading out the door to school. Go to: www.kelloggs.com and sign up for your All-K Pass. After you have signed up, check out the section that mentions Fuel for School. Here, you can download a rebate form. When you buy 10 qualifying Kellogg’s items (all must be on one receipt) they will send you a $10 Kellogg’s rebate check. Along with the rebate check, you will receive a $70 Dell Computer coupon code! One of the qualifying items is Eggo’s products. I know that this week at Publix the Eggos waffles are BOGO-so, you would need to buy 5 sets of waffles (10 boxes total) pay around $10 (of course if you have coupons it would make it even cheaper!!) then send away for your $10 rebate check! So, it would be like getting the waffles for FREE!!!!!!! This rebate offer is good until September 30-you have lots of time to get your coupons together for a sweet deal!

I hope that these time and money-saving sites will help you out not only with the upcoming school year, but every day! They have been a big help to me! Why not send me your favorite time and money-saving sites as well? I love to hear your thought and ideas too! 😉