My Super SWEET Publix Trip!


Well, today I had such an amazing trip to Publix that I wanted to go ahead and share all the details and pictures with you! I spent $19.79 and saved $107.76! This time I thought that it would be helpful to you newbies out there if I posted the coupons/breakdown that I used on my shopping trip. Here it is! 😉

2 Mahatma Jasmine Rice -$2.99 each (2 FREE coupons from BzzAgent)

2 Nabisco Honey Maid Graham crackers -$3.99 each (these were BOGO and I had 2-$1.00 printable coupons from

3 DelMonte Fruit Chillers- $2.53 each (these were B2G1 and I had 2 $1.00 printable coupons from )

2 Perdue Chicken Nugget Boxes- $4.39 each (these were BOGO and I had 2 $1.00 coupons found inside packages of Perdue Shortcuts from a previous purchase)

1 box of Kashi Waffles- $2.79 (FREE coupon from Vocalpoint-go here to sign up and become a member! They send out awesome coupons!

1 package Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs- $3.99 (FREE coupon from Oscar Mayer Hot dog giveaway earlier in the month)

1 box Jello Sugar Free Pudding packets -$1.50 (FREE coupon sent to me from General Mills)

1 dozen large eggs $1.39 (no coupon, but we needed them!)

2 pints of Starbucks Ice Cream -$3.79 (BOGO and I had 2 $1.50 printable coupons) (this stuff is deadly, beware! (FYI- There are supposed to be coupons coming out in this Sunday’s newspaper inserts for $2.00/1 coupons-that would be .21 overage!)

2 boxes Morningstar Chicken nuggets- $3.79 (BOGO and I had a Target CRT for $2/2-I finally found a Publix that will honor Super Target Grocery coupons, so I was happy!)

2 lb. Publix ground beef -$3.24 (used 2 coupons for -Save $1.25 on ground beef WYB Kraft Deluxe Mac n Cheese. I had 2 boxes of Mac N Cheese, so I was able to use 2 of the Ground Beef coupons! These coupons were found in a Kraft booklet at Publix)

2 bags Jennie O Turkey Sausage patties -$2.99 (BOGO and the bags had .55 peelies on them!)

2 boxes Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats- $4.19 (BOGO and I had a BOGO coupon from Vocalpoint- maximum value allowed was $3.10-ALMOST FREE!)

3 packages of Ramen Noodles .20 each (filler items and no coupons-Filler items are inexpensive items that you use when you think you will have more coupons than items. At some stores I find that this is not an issue; however, at Publix you cannot have more coupons than items-I always count how many coupons I have, then how many items are in the cart to make sure!)

8 packages Fisher Snack mix -$1.79 each (BOGO and I had 8 $1.00 coupons from Sunday insert coupons.) (.21 overage per every 2 bags!)

2 packages of Bic Soleil razors- $5.49 each (BOGO and I had 2 $2.00 coupons from Sunday insert coupons.)

2 boxes Kraft Deluxe Mac n Cheese -$1.49 each (used 1-$1.50/2 printable coupon)

2 packages Juicy Juice juice-boxes- $2.99 each (BOGO no coupons, but we needed juice!)

2 boxes Kraft Easy Mac- $3.39 each (BOGO and I had a home mailer coupon for a FREE box! Once again, 2 boxes for FREE)

2 ½ lb. bananas .69 lb (no coupon, but we needed them)

4 packages Yoplait Yo Plus Yogurt- $2.50 each (BOGO and I had 4 $1.00 printable coupons from and

I also had a $5/$50 grocery competitor coupon that Publix accepted on top of all my other coupons listed. So, after all BOGO promotions and coupons I paid a whopping $19.79 for all of this and saved $107.76! I hope that my breaking down the details and coupons for you will help you understand how I saved so much! You can do this too-I promise! Contact me with any questions and don’t forget to share with me your sweet savings-I always love to hear from you!